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Build Dirichlet Process Objects for Bayesian Modelling

BetaMixture2CreateCreate a Beta mixture with zeros at the boundaries.
BetaMixtureCreateCreate a Beta mixing distribution.
BurnAdd burn-in to a dirichletprocess object
ChangeObservationsChange the observations of fitted Dirichlet Process.
ClusterComponentUpdateUpdate the component of the Dirichlet process
ClusterLabelPredictPredict the cluster labels of some new data.
ClusterParameterUpdateUpdate the cluster parameters of the Dirichlet process.
DiagnosticPlotsDiagnostic plots for dirichletprocess objects
DirichletHMMCreateCreate a generic Dirichlet process hidden Markov Model
dirichletprocessA flexible package for fitting Bayesian non-parametric...
DirichletProcessBetaDirichlet process mixture of the Beta distribution.
DirichletProcessBeta2Dirichlet process mixture of Beta distributions with a...
DirichletProcessCreateCreate a Dirichlet Process object
DirichletProcessExponentialCreate a Dirichlet Mixture of Exponentials
DirichletProcessGaussianCreate a Dirichlet Mixture of Gaussians
DirichletProcessHierarchicalBetaCreate a Hierarchical Dirichlet Mixture of Beta Distributions
DirichletProcessHierarchicalMvnormal2Create a Hierarchical Dirichlet Mixture of semi-conjugate...
DirichletProcessMvnormalCreate a Dirichlet mixture of multivariate normal...
DirichletProcessMvnormal2Create a Dirichlet mixture of multivariate normal...
DirichletProcessWeibullCreate a Dirichlet Mixture of the Weibull distribution
ExponentialMixtureCreateCreate a Exponential mixing distribution
FitFit the Dirichlet process object
Fit.markovFit a Hidden Markov Dirichlet Process Model
GaussianMixtureCreateCreate a Normal mixing distribution
GlobalParameterUpdateUpdate the parameters of the hierarchical Dirichlet process...
HierarchicalBetaCreateCreate a Mixing Object for a hierarchical Beta Dirichlet...
HierarchicalMvnormal2CreateCreate a Mixing Object for a hierarchical semi-conjugate...
InitialiseInitialise a Dirichlet process object
LikelihoodMixing Distribution Likelihood
LikelihoodDPThe likelihood of the Dirichlet process object
LikelihoodFunctionThe Likelihood function of a Dirichlet process object.
MixingDistributionCreate a mixing distribution object
Mvnormal2CreateCreate a multivariate normal mixing distribution with semi...
MvnormalCreateCreate a multivariate normal mixing distribution
PenalisedLikelihoodCalculate the parameters that maximise the penalised...
plot.dirichletprocessPlot the Dirichlet process object
PosteriorClustersGenerate the posterior clusters of a Dirichlet Process
PosteriorDrawDraw from the posterior distribution
PosteriorFrameCalculate the posterior mean and quantiles from a Dirichlet...
PosteriorFunctionGenerate the posterior function of the Dirichlet function
PosteriorParametersCalculate the posterior parameters for a conjugate prior.
PredictiveCalculate how well the prior predicts the data.
print.dirichletprocessPrint the Dirichlet process object
PriorDensityCalculate the prior density of a mixing distribution
PriorDrawDraw from the prior distribution
PriorParametersUpdateUpdate the prior parameters of a mixing distribution
ratsTumour incidences in rats
StickBreakingThe Stick Breaking representation of the Dirichlet process.
true_cluster_labelsIdentifies the correct clusters labels, in any dimension,...
UpdateAlphaUpdate the Dirichlet process concentration parameter.
UpdateAlphaBetaUpdate the alpha and beta parameter of a hidden Markov...
WeibullMixtureCreateCreate a Weibull mixing distribution.
weighted_function_generatorGenerate a weighted function.
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