Discgolf setup



Discgolf setup

How to setup

You can set your url, username, and api key either using R options or environment variables. I recommend using environment variables since they are more general to any programming language, and you can easily set secure env vars on a server or e.g., if you're doing continuous integration on Travis-CI (or elsewhere).


The base URL for the Discourse instance, e.g., https://meta.discourse.org


  • Env var name: DISCOURSE_URL

  • R option name: discourse_url


The user name you have registered on the Discourse instance you want to use.


  • Env var name: DISCOURSE_USERNAME

  • R option name: discourse_username

API key

The API key on the Discourse instance you want to use. This is not your password you used to login to the instance. If you're the admin, you can get an API key by going the dashboard at base_url/admin, then the API tab base_url/admin/api, then generate a key, or copy the one already there.


  • Env var name: DISCOURSE_API_KEY

  • R option name: discourse_api_key