Man pages for discharge
Fourier Analysis of Discharge Data

allstats2Calculate all characteristic stats for a site
annualExtremesCalculate annual extreme flows.
annualnoiseAnnual noise color
assert.equal.lengthCheck for equal length inputs
assert.for.yearCheck 'for.year' argument
assert.numeric.vectorCheck for numeric vector
asStreamflowCreate streamflow object
circsEstimate directional statistics for one-sigma events
compperiodsCompare residual variability across time periods
etowahEtowah River Data
fftmetricsSummary of spectral anomolies for a specified year.
fft_metricsDiscrete Fourier Transform Metrics
filterBaselineFilter the baseline signal for a given time window
findMedFind median value
fourierAnalysisExtract seasonal signal from time series
getFPExtFlood Pulse Extent (FPExt)
getHSAFHigh Spectral Anomaly Frequency (HSAF)
getHSAMHigh Spectral Anomaly Mangitude (HSAM)
getIDIInter-Draught Interval (IDI)
getIFIInter-Flood Interval (IFI)
getLSAFLow Spectral Anomaly Frequency (LSAF)
getLSAMLow Spectral Anomaly Mangitude (LSAM)
getNAANet Annual Anomaly (NAA)
getSignalPartsSignal parts
getTimingHSAMTime of occurence of High Spectral Anomaly Magnitude (HSAM)
getTimingLSAMTime of occurence of Low Spectral Anomaly Magnitude (LSAM)
getTransitionTimeTransition Time
independentEventsIndependent high- or low-flow events
lp3eventsFind 2- and 10-year return levels
parameterslistCalculate all characteristic stats from a list of files
prepareBaselineBuild baseline signal
residplotPlot annual extreme residuals
sigmaeventsplotPlot events by day of the year
sigmaHighFlowsEstimate catastrophic flow variability
sigmaLowFlowsEstimate catastrophic flow variability
sycamoreSycamore Creek Data
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