Man pages for discreteRV
Create and Manipulate Discrete Random Variables

as.RVTurn a probability vector with possible outcome values in the...
EExpected value of a random variable
grapes-AND-grapesCompute the logical AND of two events
grapes-in-grapesGeneric method for in operator function
grapes-OR-grapesCompute the logical OR of two events
iidProbability mass function of X^n
independentTests whether the random variables X and Y are independent
jointJoint probability mass function of random variables X and Y
jointRVMake a joint random variable consisting
KURTKurtosis of a random variable
marginalMarginal distribution of a joint random variable
marginsMarginal distributions of a joint random variable
outcomesOutcomes of random variable X
PCalculate probabilities of events
plot.RVPlot a random variable of class "RV"
plot.RVsimPlot a simulated random vector
print.RVPrint a random variable of class "RV"
probsProbability mass function of random variable X
PropProportion of an event observed in a vector of simulated...
propsProportions of observed outcomes in one or more vectors of...
qqnorm.RVNormal quantile plot for RVs to answer the question how close...
rsimSimulate n independent trials from a random variable X:
RVMake a random variable consisting of possible outcome values...
SDStandard deviation of a random variable
SKEWSkewness of a random variable
skewSimSkew of the empirical distribution of simulated data
SofISum of independent random variables
SofIIDSum of independent identically distributed random variables
VVariance of a random variable
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