CoxMaster: Create a master object to control worker objects generated by...

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CoxMaster objects instantiate and run a distributed Cox model computation fit




An R6Class generator object


CoxMaster$new(defnId, formula, debug=FALSE)

Create a new CoxMaster object using the defnId and formula. The debug flag is useful for debugging

logLik(beta, ...)

Compute the partial log likelihood for all the data by aggregating the values at each site. The return value is numeric scalar with two attributes: gradient contains the score vector, and hessian contains the estimated hessian matrix

addSite(name, url)

Add a worker site for participating in the distributed computation

var(beta, ...)

Compute the variance of the parameter vector beta


Check if inputs and state of object are sane. For future use


Returns the dimension of the parameter vector


Run the fitting iterations and save the result


Return a summary data frame columns for coef, exp(coef), standard error, z-score, and p-value for each parameter in the model following the same format as the survival package

See Also

CoxWorker which generates objects matched to such a master object

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