Interactive Distill with Shiny"

You can embed Shiny inputs and outputs in your document. Outputs are automatically updated whenever inputs change. This demonstrates how a standard R plot can be made interactive by wrapping it in the Shiny renderPlot function. The selectInput and sliderInput functions create the input widgets used to drive the plot. The plotOutput function indicates where to include the plot.

  selectInput("n_breaks", label = "Number of bins:",
              choices = c(10, 20, 35, 50), selected = 20),

  sliderInput("bw_adjust", label = "Bandwidth adjustment:",
              min = 0.2, max = 2, value = 1, step = 0.2)

output$eruptions <- renderPlot({
  hist(faithful$eruptions, probability = TRUE, breaks = as.numeric(input$n_breaks),
       xlab = "Duration (minutes)", main = "Geyser eruption duration")

  dens <- density(faithful$eruptions, adjust = input$bw_adjust)
  lines(dens, col = "blue")

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