Man pages for disto
Unified Interface to Distance, Dissimilarity, Similarity Matrices a disto object to dataframe
dapplyMatrix like apply function for disto object
dist_extractMatrix style extraction from dist object
dist_ij_kVectorized version of dist_ij_k_
dist_ij_k_Convert ij index to k index
dist_k_ijVectorized version of dist_k_ij_
dist_k_ij_Convert kth index to ij index
distoConstructor for class 'disto'
disto_distConstructior of disto with dist backend
dist_replaceReplacement values in dist
names.distoGet names/labels
plot.distoPlot a disto object
print.distoPrint method for dist class
sizeObtain size of the disto object
summary.distoSummary method for dist class
tick-names-set-.disto-tick-tickSet names/labels
tick-sub-.disto-tickExtract from a disto object in matrix style extraction
tick-subset-.disto-tickIn-place replacement of values
tick-sub-sub-.disto-tickExtract a single value from disto object
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