distr: Object Oriented Implementation of Distributions

S4-classes and methods for distributions.

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AuthorFlorian Camphausen [ctb] (contributed as student in the initial phase --2005), Matthias Kohl [aut, cph], Peter Ruckdeschel [cre, cph], Thomas Stabla [ctb] (contributed as student in the initial phase --2005), R Core Team [ctb, cph] (for source file ks.c/ routines 'pKS2' and 'pKolmogorov2x')
Date of publication2017-04-22 13:53:54 UTC
MaintainerPeter Ruckdeschel <peter.ruckdeschel@uni-oldenburg.de>

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Man pages

0distr-package: distr - Object Oriented Implementation of Distributions

AbscontDistribution: Generating function "AbscontDistribution"

AbscontDistribution-class: Class "AbscontDistribution"

Arcsine-class: Class "Arcsine"

Beta-class: Class "Beta"

BetaParameter-class: Class "BetaParameter"

Binom-class: Class "Binom"

BinomParameter-class: Class "BinomParameter"

Cauchy-class: Class "Cauchy"

CauchyParameter-class: Class "CauchyParameter"

Chisq-class: Class "Chisq"

ChisqParameter-class: Class "ChisqParameter"

CompoundDistribution: Generating function for Class "CompoundDistribution"

CompoundDistribution-class: Class "CompoundDistribution"

ConvPow: Distribution of the sum of univariate i.i.d r.v's

decomposePM-methods: Methods for function decomposePM in Package 'distr'

DExp-class: Class "DExp"

df1-methods: Methods for Function df1 in Package 'distr'

df2-methods: Methods for Function df2 in Package 'distr'

df-methods: Methods for Function df in Package 'distr'

dimension-methods: Methods for Function dimension in Package 'distr'

dim-methods: Methods for Function dim in Package 'distr'

Dirac-class: Class "Dirac"

DiracParameter-class: Class "DiracParameter"

DiscreteDistribution: Generating function "DiscreteDistribution"

DiscreteDistribution-class: Class "DiscreteDistribution"

distrARITH: Arithmetics on Distributions

Distribution-class: Class "Distribution"

DistributionSymmetry-class: Class of Symmetries for Distributions

DistrList: Generating function for DistrList-class

DistrList-class: List of distributions

distrMASK: Masking of/by other functions in package "distr"

distroptions: functions to change the global variables of the package...

DistrSymmList: Generating function for DistrSymmList-class

DistrSymmList-class: List of Symmetries for a List of Distributions

d-methods: Methods for Function d in Package 'distr'

EllipticalSymmetry: Generating function for EllipticalSymmetry-class

EllipticalSymmetry-class: Class for Elliptically Symmetric Distributions

EmpiricalDistribution: Generating function "EmpiricalDistribution"

EuclideanSpace-class: Class "EuclideanSpace"

Exp-class: Class "Exp"

ExpOrGammaOrChisq-class: Class "ExpOrGammaOrChisq"

ExpParameter-class: Class "ExpParameter"

Fd-class: Class "Fd"

flat.LCD: Flattening a list of Lebesgue decomposed distributions

flat.mix: Default procedure to fill slots d,p,q given r for Lebesgue...

FParameter-class: Class "FParameter"

Gammad-class: Class "Gammad"

GammaParameter-class: Class "GammaParameter"

gap-methods: Methods for Functions gaps and setgaps in Package 'distr'

Geom-class: Class "Geom"

GeomParameter-class: Class "GeomParameter"

getLabel: Labels for distribution objects

getLow: getLow, getUp functions of package distr

Huberize-methods: Methods for function Huberize in Package 'distr'

Hyper-class: Class "Hyper"

HyperParameter-class: Class "HyperParameter"

igamma: Inverse of the digamma function

img-methods: Methods for Function img in Package 'distr'

Integer-class: Internal Class "Integer"

internalClassUnions-class: Class unions in 'distr'

internalGenerics: Internal: Common Generics 'distribution' and 'samplesize',...

internals: Internal functions of package distr

internals-qqplot: Internal functions for qqplot of package distr

k-methods: Methods for Function k in Package 'distr'

lambda-methods: Methods for Function lambda in Package 'distr'

Lattice-class: Class "Lattice"

LatticeDistribution: Class "LatticeDistribution"

LatticeDistribution-class: Class "LatticeDistribution"

Length-methods: Methods for Function Length in Package 'distr'

liesIn-methods: Methods for Function liesIn in Package 'distr'

liesInSupport: Generic Function for Testing the Support of a Distribution

Lnorm-class: Class "Lnorm"

LnormParameter-class: Class "LnormParameter"

location-methods: Methods for Function location in Package 'distr'

Logis-class: Class "Logis"

LogisParameter-class: Class "LogisParameter"

MakeAbscontDistribution: "makeAbscontDistribution"

Math-methods: Methods for Functions from group 'Math' in Package 'distr'

Max-methods: Methods for Function Max in Package 'distr'

meanlog-methods: Methods for Function meanlog in Package 'distr'

mean-methods: Methods for Function mean in Package 'distr'

MinMaximum-methods: Methods for functions Minimum and Maximum in Package 'distr'

Min-methods: Methods for Function Min in Package 'distr'

m-methods: Methods for Function m in Package 'distr'

name-methods: Methods for Function name in Package 'distr'

Naturals-class: Class "Naturals"

Nbinom-class: Class "Nbinom"

NbinomParameter-class: Class "NbinomParameter"

ncp-methods: Methods for Function ncp in Package 'distr'

n-methods: Methods for Function n in Package 'distr'

Norm-class: Class "Norm"

NormParameter-class: Class "NormParameter"

NoSymmetry: Generating function for NoSymmetry-class

NoSymmetry-class: Class for Non-symmetric Distributions

operators-methods: Methods for operators +,-,*,/,... in Package distr

OptionalParameter-class: Classes "OptionalParameter", "OptionalMatrix"

options: additional options in package 'distr'

Parameter-class: Class "Parameter"

param-methods: Methods for Function param in Package 'distr'

pivot-methods: Methods for Function pivot in Package 'distr'

p.l-methods: Methods for Function p.l in Package 'distr'

plot-methods: Methods for Function plot in Package 'distr'

p-methods: Methods for Function p in Package 'distr'

Pois-class: Class "Pois"

PoisParameter-class: Class "PoisParameter"

PosDefSymmMatrix: Generating functions for PosSemDefSymmMatrix-class resp....

PosDefSymmMatrix-class: Positive-[Semi-]definite, symmetric matrices

print-methods: Methods for Functions print/show in Package 'distr'

prob-methods: Methods for Function prob in Package 'distr'

q-methods: Methods for Function q in Package 'distr'

qqbounds: Computation of confidence intervals for qqplot

qqplot: Methods for Function qqplot in Package 'distr'

q.r-methods: Methods for Function q.r in Package 'distr'

rate-methods: Methods for Function rate in Package 'distr'

Reals-class: Class "Reals"

r-methods: Methods for Function r in Package 'distr'

rSpace-class: Class "rSpace"

RtoDPQ: Default procedure to fill slots d,p,q given r for a.c....

RtoDPQ.d: Default procedure to fill slots d,p,q given r for discrete...

RtoDPQ.LC: Default procedure to fill slots d,p,q given r for Lebesgue...

scale-methods: Methods for Function scale in Package 'distr'

sdlog-methods: Methods for Function sdlog in Package 'distr'

sd-methods: Methods for Function sd in Package 'distr'

shape1-methods: Methods for Function shape1 in Package 'distr'

shape2-methods: Methods for Function shape2 in Package 'distr'

shape-methods: Methods for Function shape in Package 'distr'

showobj-methods: Helping Methods for Functions print/show in Package 'distr'

simplifyD-methods: Methods for function simplifyD in Package 'distr'

simplifyr-methods: Methods for Function simplifyr in Package 'distr'

size-methods: Methods for Function size in Package 'distr'

solve-methods: Methods for Function solve in Package 'distr'

SphericalSymmetry: Generating function for SphericalSymmetry-class

SphericalSymmetry-class: Class for Spherical Symmetric Distributions

sqrt-methods: Methods for Function sqrt in Package 'distr'

standardMethods: Utility to automatically generate accessor and replacement...

support-methods: Methods for Function support in Package 'distr'

Symmetry-class: Class of Symmetries

Td-class: Class "Td"

TParameter-class: Class "TParameter"

Truncate-methods: Methods for function Truncate in Package 'distr'

Unif-class: Class "Unif"

UnifParameter-class: Class "UnifParameter"

UniNormParameter-class: Class "UniNormParameter"

UnivarDistrList: Generating function for UnivarDistrList-class

UnivarDistrList-class: List of univariate distributions

UnivariateDistribution-class: Class "UnivariateDistribution"

UnivarLebDecDistribution: Generating function for Class "UnivarLebDecDistribution"

UnivarLebDecDistribution-class: Class "UnivarLebDecDistribution"

UnivarMixingDistribution: Generating function for Class "UnivarMixingDistribution"

UnivarMixingDistribution-class: Class "UnivarMixingDistribution"

versionmanagement: Methods for Version Management in Package 'distr'

Weibull-class: Class "Weibull"

WeibullParameter-class: Class "WeibullParameter"

width-methods: Methods for Function width in Package 'distr'


abs,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
AbscontDistribution Man page
+,AbscontDistribution,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
AbscontDistribution-class Man page
+,AbscontDistribution,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
*,AbscontDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,AbscontDistribution,numeric-method Man page
abs,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
abs,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
^,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
-,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
/,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
*,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
+,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
AcDcLcDistribution-class Man page
^,AcDcLcDistribution,Dirac-method Man page
^,AcDcLcDistribution,Integer-method Man page
^,AcDcLcDistribution,numeric-method Man page
acPart Man page
acPart<- Man page
acPart<--methods Man page
acPart-methods Man page
acPart<-,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
acPart,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
acWeight Man page
acWeight<- Man page
acWeight<--methods Man page
acWeight-methods Man page
acWeight<-,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
acWeight,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
AffLinAbscontDistribution-class Man page
*,AffLinAbscontDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,AffLinAbscontDistribution,numeric-method Man page
AffLinDiscreteDistribution-class Man page
*,AffLinDiscreteDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,AffLinDiscreteDistribution,numeric-method Man page
AffLinDistribution-class Man page
AffLinLatticeDistribution-class Man page
*,AffLinLatticeDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,AffLinLatticeDistribution,numeric-method Man page
AffLinUnivarLebDecDistribution-class Man page
*,AffLinUnivarLebDecDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,AffLinUnivarLebDecDistribution,numeric-method Man page
Arcsine Man page
Arcsine-class Man page
Beta Man page
Beta-class Man page
BetaParameter-class Man page
Binom Man page
+,Binom,Binom-method Man page
.BinomCI Man page
.BinomCI.in Man page
.BinomCI.nosym Man page
Binom-class Man page
BinomParameter-class Man page
Cauchy Man page
+,Cauchy,Cauchy-method Man page
Cauchy-class Man page
*,Cauchy,numeric-method Man page
+,Cauchy,numeric-method Man page
CauchyParameter-class Man page
Chisq Man page
+,Chisq,Chisq-method Man page
Chisq-class Man page
ChisqParameter-class Man page
coerce,AbscontDistribution,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
coerce,AffLinDiscreteDistribution,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
coerce,AffLinLatticeDistribution,AffLinDiscreteDistribution-meth Man page
coerce,AffLinUnivarLebDecDistribution,UnivarLebDecDistribution-m Man page
coerce,CompoundDistribution,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
coerce,DiscreteDistribution,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
coerce,DiscreteDistribution,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
coerce,Distribution,DistrList-method Man page
coerce,LatticeDistribution,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
coerce,numeric,Integer-method Man page
coerce,UnivariateDistribution,UnivarDistrList-method Man page
CompoundDistribution Man page
CompoundDistribution-class Man page
*,CompoundDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,CompoundDistribution,numeric-method Man page
.confqq Man page
conv2NewVersion Man page
conv2NewVersion,ANY-method Man page
conv2NewVersion,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
conv2NewVersion-methods Man page
.convDiscrDiscr Man page
convpow Man page
convpow,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
convpow,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
convpow,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
convpow,Binom-method Man page
convpow,Cauchy-method Man page
convpow,Dirac-method Man page
convpow,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
convpow,ExpOrGammaOrChisq-method Man page
convpow,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
convpow-methods Man page
convpow,Nbinom-method Man page
convpow,Norm-method Man page
convpow,Pois-method Man page
.csimpsum Man page
d Man page
.D2P Man page
d.ac Man page
d.ac-methods Man page
d.ac,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
d.discrete Man page
d.discrete-methods Man page
d.discrete,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
d,Distribution-method Man page
decomposePM Man page
decomposePM,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
decomposePM,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
decomposePM-methods Man page
decomposePM,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
DefaultNrFFTGridPointsExponent Man page
DefaultNrGridPoints Man page
.del0dmixfun Man page
.deleteItemsMCL Man page
devNew Man page
DExp Man page
DExp-class Man page
*,DExp,numeric-method Man page
df Man page
df<- Man page
df1 Man page
df1<- Man page
df1<-,Fd-method Man page
df1,Fd-method Man page
df1<-,FParameter-method Man page
df1,FParameter-method Man page
df1<--methods Man page
df1-methods Man page
df2 Man page
df2<- Man page
df2<-,Fd-method Man page
df2,Fd-method Man page
df2<-,FParameter-method Man page
df2,FParameter-method Man page
df2<--methods Man page
df2-methods Man page
df<-,Chisq-method Man page
df,Chisq-method Man page
df<-,ChisqParameter-method Man page
df,ChisqParameter-method Man page
df<--methods Man page
df-methods Man page
df<-,Td-method Man page
df,Td-method Man page
df<-,TParameter-method Man page
df,TParameter-method Man page
digamma,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
digamma,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
dim Man page
dimension Man page
dimension<- Man page
dimension<-,EuclideanSpace-method Man page
dimension,EuclideanSpace-method Man page
dimension<--methods Man page
dimension-methods Man page
dim-methods Man page
dim,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
Dirac Man page
Dirac-class Man page
-,Dirac,Dirac-method Man page
/,Dirac,Dirac-method Man page
*,Dirac,Dirac-method Man page
+,Dirac,Dirac-method Man page
+,Dirac,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
*,Dirac,numeric-method Man page
+,Dirac,numeric-method Man page
DiracParameter-class Man page
*,Dirac,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
+,Dirac,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
DiscreteDistribution Man page
+,DiscreteDistribution,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
DiscreteDistribution-class Man page
+,DiscreteDistribution,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
*,DiscreteDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,DiscreteDistribution,numeric-method Man page
discretePart Man page
discretePart<- Man page
discretePart<--methods Man page
discretePart-methods Man page
discretePart<-,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
discretePart,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
discreteWeight Man page
discreteWeight<- Man page
discreteWeight<--methods Man page
discreteWeight-methods Man page
discreteWeight<-,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
discreteWeight,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
.discretizeP Man page
distr Man page
distrARITH Man page
DistrCollapse Man page
.DistrCollapse Man page
.distrExInstalled Man page
distribution Man page
DistributionAggregate.Unique.Warn Man page
Distribution-class Man page
DistributionSymmetry-class Man page
DistrList Man page
DistrList-class Man page
distrMASK Man page
distroptions Man page
distr-package Man page
DistrResolution Man page
DistrSymmList Man page
DistrSymmList-class Man page
d-methods Man page
.dmixfun Man page
DoubleExponential Man page
EllipticalSymmetry Man page
EllipticalSymmetry-class Man page
EmpiricalDistribution Man page
.EuclidAlgo Man page
EuclideanSpace Man page
EuclideanSpace-class Man page
Exp Man page
exp,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
Exp-class Man page
exp,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
.expm.c Man page
.expm.d Man page
*,Exp,numeric-method Man page
ExpOrGammaOrChisq-class Man page
+,ExpOrGammaOrChisq,ExpOrGammaOrChisq-method Man page
*,ExpOrGammaOrChisq,numeric-method Man page
ExpParameter-class Man page
exp,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
Fd Man page
Fd-class Man page
.fillList Man page
flat.LCD Man page
flat.mix Man page
.fm Man page
.fM Man page
.fM2 Man page
FParameter-class Man page
gamma,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
Gammad Man page
Gammad-class Man page
gamma,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
gamma-methods Man page
GammaParameter-class Man page
gaps Man page
gaps<- Man page
gaps<-,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
gaps,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
gaps<--methods Man page
gaps-methods Man page
gaps,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
Geom Man page
Geom-class Man page
GeomParameter-class Man page
.getCommonWidth Man page
getdistrOption Man page
getLabel Man page
getLow Man page
getLow,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
getLow,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
getLow,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
getLow-methods Man page
getLow,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
getLow,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
.getObjName Man page
getUp Man page
getUp,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
getUp,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
getUp,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
getUp-methods Man page
getUp,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
getUp,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
Huberize Man page
Huberize,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
Huberize-methods Man page
Hyper Man page
Hyper-class Man page
HyperParameter-class Man page
igamma Man page
img Man page
img,Distribution-method Man page
img-methods Man page
.inArgs Man page
.inGaps Man page
initialize,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
initialize,AffLinAbscontDistribution-method Man page
initialize,AffLinDiscreteDistribution-method Man page
initialize,AffLinLatticeDistribution-method Man page
initialize,Arcsine-method Man page
initialize,Beta-method Man page
initialize,BetaParameter-method Man page
initialize,Binom-method Man page
initialize,BinomParameter-method Man page
initialize,Cauchy-method Man page
initialize,CauchyParameter-method Man page
initialize,Chisq-method Man page
initialize,ChisqParameter-method Man page
initialize,DExp-method Man page
initialize,Dirac-method Man page
initialize,DiracParameter-method Man page
initialize,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
initialize,EuclideanSpace-method Man page
initialize,Exp-method Man page
initialize,ExpParameter-method Man page
initialize,Fd-method Man page
initialize,FParameter-method Man page
initialize,Gammad-method Man page
initialize,GammaParameter-method Man page
initialize,Geom-method Man page
initialize,GeomParameter-method Man page
initialize,Hyper-method Man page
initialize,HyperParameter-method Man page
initialize,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
initialize,Lnorm-method Man page
initialize,LnormParameter-method Man page
initialize,Logis-method Man page
initialize,LogisParameter-method Man page
initialize,Naturals-method Man page
initialize,Nbinom-method Man page
initialize,NbinomParameter-method Man page
initialize,Norm-method Man page
initialize,NormParameter-method Man page
initialize,Pois-method Man page
initialize,PoisParameter-method Man page
initialize,Reals-method Man page
initialize,Td-method Man page
initialize,TParameter-method Man page
initialize,Unif-method Man page
initialize,UnifParameter-method Man page
initialize,UniNormParameter-method Man page
initialize,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
initialize,Weibull-method Man page
initialize,WeibullParameter-method Man page
Integer-class Man page
InternalClassUnions Man page
internalGenerics Man page
internals_for_distr Man page
internals_for_qqplot Man page
.inWithTol Man page
.is.consistent Man page
.isEqual Man page
.isEqual01 Man page
.isIn Man page
.isInteger Man page
.isNatural Man page
.isNatural0 Man page
isOldVersion Man page
isOldVersion,ANY-method Man page
isOldVersion-methods Man page
.isReplicated Man page
.IssueWarn Man page
.is.vector.lattice Man page
k Man page
k<- Man page
k<-,Hyper-method Man page
k,Hyper-method Man page
k<-,HyperParameter-method Man page
k,HyperParameter-method Man page
k<--methods Man page
k-methods Man page
lambda Man page
lambda<- Man page
lambda<--methods Man page
lambda-methods Man page
lambda<-,Pois-method Man page
lambda,Pois-method Man page
lambda<-,PoisParameter-method Man page
lambda,PoisParameter-method Man page
Laplace Man page
lattice Man page
Lattice Man page
Lattice-class Man page
LatticeDistribution Man page
LatticeDistribution-class Man page
+,LatticeDistribution,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
-,LatticeDistribution,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
+,LatticeDistribution,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
-,LatticeDistribution,missing-method Man page
-,LatticeDistribution,numeric-method Man page
/,LatticeDistribution,numeric-method Man page
*,LatticeDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,LatticeDistribution,numeric-method Man page
-,LatticeDistribution,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
lattice,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
lattice-method Man page
Length Man page
Length<- Man page
Length<-,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
Length,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
Length<-,Lattice-method Man page
Length,Lattice-method Man page
Length<--methods Man page
Length-methods Man page
lgamma,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
lgamma,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
lgamma-methods Man page
liesIn Man page
liesIn,EuclideanSpace,numeric-method Man page
liesIn-methods Man page
liesIn,Naturals,numeric-method Man page
liesInSupport Man page
liesInSupport,AbscontDistribution,matrix-method Man page
liesInSupport,AbscontDistribution,numeric-method Man page
liesInSupport,DiscreteDistribution,matrix-method Man page
liesInSupport,DiscreteDistribution,numeric-method Man page
liesInSupport-methods Man page
Lnorm Man page
Lnorm-class Man page
*,Lnorm,numeric-method Man page
LnormParameter-class Man page
location Man page
location<- Man page
location<-,Cauchy-method Man page
location,Cauchy-method Man page
location<-,CauchyParameter-method Man page
location,CauchyParameter-method Man page
location<-,Dirac-method Man page
location,Dirac-method Man page
location<-,DiracParameter-method Man page
location,DiracParameter-method Man page
location<-,Logis-method Man page
location,Logis-method Man page
location<-,LogisParameter-method Man page
location,LogisParameter-method Man page
location<--methods Man page
location-methods Man page
log10,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
log10,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
log10-methods Man page
log10,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
log,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
log,Dirac-method Man page
log,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
.logExact Man page
.logExact,Distribution-method Man page
.logExact-methods Man page
.logExact,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
Logis Man page
Logis-class Man page
*,Logis,numeric-method Man page
+,Logis,numeric-method Man page
LogisParameter-class Man page
.logm.c Man page
.logm.d Man page
log-methods Man page
log,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
.loupmixfun Man page
.lowerExact Man page
.lowerExact,Distribution-method Man page
.lowerExact-methods Man page
.lowerExact,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
m Man page
m<- Man page
makeAbscontDistribution Man page
.makeD Man page
.makeDd Man page
.makeDNew Man page
.make.lattice.es.vector Man page
.makeLenAndOrder Man page
.makeP Man page
.makePd Man page
.makePNew Man page
.makeQ Man page
.makeQc Man page
.makeQd Man page
.makeQNew Man page
MASKING Man page
Math,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
Math,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
Math,Dirac-method Man page
Math,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
Math-methods Man page
Math,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
Max Man page
Max<- Man page
Maximum Man page
Maximum,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
Maximum,AcDcLcDistribution,numeric-method Man page
Maximum-methods Man page
Max<--methods Man page
Max-methods Man page
Max<-,Unif-method Man page
Max,Unif-method Man page
Max<-,UnifParameter-method Man page
Max,UnifParameter-method Man page
mean Man page
mean<- Man page
meanlog Man page
meanlog<- Man page
meanlog<-,Lnorm-method Man page
meanlog,Lnorm-method Man page
meanlog<-,LnormParameter-method Man page
meanlog,LnormParameter-method Man page
meanlog<--methods Man page
meanlog-methods Man page
mean<--methods Man page
mean-methods Man page
mean<-,Norm-method Man page
mean,Norm-method Man page
mean<-,NormParameter-method Man page
mean,NormParameter-method Man page
.mergegaps Man page
.mergegaps2 Man page
m<-,Hyper-method Man page
m,Hyper-method Man page
m<-,HyperParameter-method Man page
m,HyperParameter-method Man page
Min Man page
Min<- Man page
Minimum Man page
Minimum,AbscontDistribution,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
Minimum,AbscontDistribution,Dirac-method Man page
Minimum,AbscontDistribution,numeric-method Man page
Minimum,AcDcLcDistribution,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
Minimum,AcDcLcDistribution,numeric-method Man page
Minimum,DiscreteDistribution,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
Minimum,DiscreteDistribution,numeric-method Man page
Minimum-methods Man page
Min<--methods Man page
Min-methods Man page
Min<-,Unif-method Man page
Min,Unif-method Man page
Min<-,UnifParameter-method Man page
Min,UnifParameter-method Man page
mixCoeff Man page
mixCoeff<- Man page
mixCoeff<--methods Man page
mixCoeff-methods Man page
mixCoeff<-,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
mixCoeff,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
mixDistr Man page
mixDistr<- Man page
mixDistr<--methods Man page
mixDistr-methods Man page
mixDistr<-,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
mixDistr,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
m<--methods Man page
m-methods Man page
.modifyqgaps Man page
.multm Man page
n Man page
n<- Man page
name Man page
name<- Man page
name<--methods Man page
name-methods Man page
name<-,Parameter-method Man page
name,Parameter-method Man page
name<-,rSpace-method Man page
name,rSpace-method Man page
Naturals Man page
Naturals-class Man page
Nbinom Man page
Nbinom-class Man page
+,Nbinom,Nbinom-method Man page
NbinomParameter-class Man page
ncp Man page
ncp<- Man page
ncp<-,Beta-method Man page
ncp,Beta-method Man page
ncp<-,BetaParameter-method Man page
ncp,BetaParameter-method Man page
ncp<-,Chisq-method Man page
ncp,Chisq-method Man page
ncp<-,ChisqParameter-method Man page
ncp,ChisqParameter-method Man page
ncp<-,Fd-method Man page
ncp,Fd-method Man page
ncp<-,FParameter-method Man page
ncp,FParameter-method Man page
ncp<--methods Man page
ncp-methods Man page
ncp<-,Td-method Man page
ncp,Td-method Man page
ncp<-,TParameter-method Man page
ncp,TParameter-method Man page
newDevice Man page
n<-,Hyper-method Man page
n,Hyper-method Man page
n<-,HyperParameter-method Man page
n,HyperParameter-method Man page
n<--methods Man page
n-methods Man page
Norm Man page
Norm-class Man page
-,Norm,missing-method Man page
+,Norm,Norm-method Man page
*,Norm,numeric-method Man page
+,Norm,numeric-method Man page
NormParameter-class Man page
NoSymmetry Man page
NoSymmetry-class Man page
.NotInSupport Man page
.notwithLArg Man page
NumbOfSummandsDistr Man page
NumbOfSummandsDistr,CompoundDistribution-method Man page
NumbOfSummandsDistr-methods Man page
^,numeric,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
/,numeric,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
-,numeric,Beta-method Man page
/,numeric,Dirac-method Man page
-,numeric,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
*,numeric,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
+,numeric,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
-,numeric,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
*,numeric,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
+,numeric,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
operators Man page
operators-methods Man page
OptionalMatrix-class Man page
OptionalNumeric-class Man page
OptionalParameter-class Man page
options Man page
p Man page
.P2D Man page
.P2Q Man page
p.ac Man page
p.ac-methods Man page
p.ac,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
.panel.mingle Man page
param Man page
param,Distribution-method Man page
Parameter-class Man page
param-methods Man page
p.discrete Man page
p.discrete-methods Man page
p.discrete,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
p,Distribution-method Man page
pivot Man page
pivot<- Man page
pivot<-,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
pivot,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
pivot<-,Lattice-method Man page
pivot,Lattice-method Man page
pivot<--methods Man page
pivot-methods Man page
p.l Man page
p.l,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
p.l,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
p.l-methods Man page
plot Man page
plot,AbscontDistribution,missing-method Man page
plot,AffLinUnivarLebDecDistribution,missing-method Man page
plot,CompoundDistribution,missing-method Man page
plot,DiscreteDistribution,missing-method Man page
plot,DistrList,missing-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,UnivarLebDecDistribution,missing-method Man page
p.l,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
p.l,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
.plusm Man page
p-methods Man page
.pmixfun Man page
Pois Man page
Pois-class Man page
PoisParameter-class Man page
+,Pois,Pois-method Man page
PosDefSymmMatrix Man page
PosDefSymmMatrix-class Man page
PosSemDefSymmMatrix Man page
PosSemDefSymmMatrix-class Man page
p.r Man page
p.r,Distribution-method Man page
.presubs Man page
.primefun Man page
print-methods Man page
print,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
p.r-methods Man page
prob Man page
prob<- Man page
prob<-,Binom-method Man page
prob,Binom-method Man page
prob<-,BinomParameter-method Man page
prob,BinomParameter-method Man page
prob<-,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
prob,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
prob<-,Geom-method Man page
prob,Geom-method Man page
prob<-,GeomParameter-method Man page
prob,GeomParameter-method Man page
prob<--methods Man page
prob-methods Man page
prob<-,Nbinom-method Man page
prob,Nbinom-method Man page
prob<-,NbinomParameter-method Man page
prob,NbinomParameter-method Man page
prob,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
q Man page
.q2kolmogorov Man page
.Q2P Man page
.q2pw Man page
q.ac Man page
q.ac-methods Man page
q.ac,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
q.discrete Man page
q.discrete-methods Man page
q.discrete,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
q,Distribution-method Man page
q.l Man page
q.l,Distribution-method Man page
q.l-methods Man page
q-methods Man page
.qmixfun Man page
qqbounds Man page
qqplot Man page
qqplot,ANY,ANY-method Man page
qqplot-methods Man page
qqplot,UnivariateDistribution,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
q.r Man page
q.r,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
q.r,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
q.r-methods Man page
q.r,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
q.r,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
r Man page
r.ac Man page
r.ac-methods Man page
r.ac,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
rate Man page
rate<- Man page
rate<-,DExp-method Man page
rate,DExp-method Man page
rate<-,Exp-method Man page
rate,Exp-method Man page
rate<-,ExpParameter-method Man page
rate,ExpParameter-method Man page
rate<--methods Man page
rate-methods Man page
r.discrete Man page
r.discrete-methods Man page
r.discrete,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
r,Distribution-method Man page
Reals Man page
Reals-class Man page
r-methods Man page
.rmixfun Man page
rSpace-class Man page
RtoDPQ Man page
RtoDPQ.d Man page
RtoDPQ.e Man page
RtoDPQ.LC Man page
samplesize Man page
samplesize<- Man page
scale Man page
scale<- Man page
scale<-,Cauchy-method Man page
scale,Cauchy-method Man page
scale<-,CauchyParameter-method Man page
scale,CauchyParameter-method Man page
scale,Chisq-method Man page
scale<-,Gammad-method Man page
scale,Gammad-method Man page
scale<-,GammaParameter-method Man page
scale,GammaParameter-method Man page
scale<-,Logis-method Man page
scale,Logis-method Man page
scale<-,LogisParameter-method Man page
scale,LogisParameter-method Man page
scale<--methods Man page
scale-methods Man page
scale<-,Weibull-method Man page
scale,Weibull-method Man page
scale<-,WeibullParameter-method Man page
scale,WeibullParameter-method Man page
sd Man page
sd<- Man page
sdlog Man page
sdlog<- Man page
sdlog<-,Lnorm-method Man page
sdlog,Lnorm-method Man page
sdlog<-,LnormParameter-method Man page
sdlog,LnormParameter-method Man page
sdlog<--methods Man page
sdlog-methods Man page
sd<--methods Man page
sd-methods Man page
sd<-,Norm-method Man page
sd,Norm-method Man page
sd<-,NormParameter-method Man page
sd,NormParameter-method Man page
.setEqual Man page
setgaps Man page
setgaps,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
setgaps-methods Man page
setgaps,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
shape Man page
shape<- Man page
shape1 Man page
shape1<- Man page
shape1<-,Beta-method Man page
shape1,Beta-method Man page
shape1<-,BetaParameter-method Man page
shape1,BetaParameter-method Man page
shape1<--methods Man page
shape1-methods Man page
shape2 Man page
shape2<- Man page
shape2<-,Beta-method Man page
shape2,Beta-method Man page
shape2<-,BetaParameter-method Man page
shape2,BetaParameter-method Man page
shape2<--methods Man page
shape2-methods Man page
shape,Chisq-method Man page
shape,Exp-method Man page
shape<-,Gammad-method Man page
shape,Gammad-method Man page
shape<-,GammaParameter-method Man page
shape,GammaParameter-method Man page
shape<--methods Man page
shape-methods Man page
shape<-,Weibull-method Man page
shape,Weibull-method Man page
shape<-,WeibullParameter-method Man page
shape,WeibullParameter-method Man page
show,DistrList-method Man page
show,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
show-methods Man page
showobj Man page
showobj,CompoundDistribution-method Man page
showobj,DistrList-method Man page
showobj-methods Man page
showobj,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
showobj,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
showobj,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
show,Symmetry-method Man page
show,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
show,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
show,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
sign,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
sign,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
sign,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
sign-methods Man page
sign,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
simplifyD Man page
simplifyD Man page
simplifyD,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
simplifyD,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
simplifyD-methods Man page
simplifyD,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
simplifyD,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
simplifyr Man page
simplifyr-methods Man page
simplifyr,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
.SingleDiscrete Man page
size Man page
size<- Man page
size<-,Binom-method Man page
size,Binom-method Man page
size<-,BinomParameter-method Man page
size,BinomParameter-method Man page
size<-,Geom-method Man page
size,Geom-method Man page
size<--methods Man page
size-methods Man page
size<-,Nbinom-method Man page
size,Nbinom-method Man page
size<-,NbinomParameter-method Man page
size,NbinomParameter-method Man page
solve Man page
solve,ANY,ANY-method Man page
solve,ANY-method Man page
solve-methods Man page
solve,PosDefSymmMatrix,ANY-method Man page
solve,PosDefSymmMatrix-method Man page
solve,PosSemDefSymmMatrix,ANY-method Man page
solve,PosSemDefSymmMatrix-method Man page
SphericalSymmetry Man page
SphericalSymmetry-class Man page
sqrt Man page
sqrt,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
sqrt,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
sqrt,AcDcLcDistribution-method Man page
sqrt,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
sqrt,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
sqrt-methods Man page
sqrt,PosSemDefSymmMatrix-method Man page
sqrt,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
standardMethods Man page
SummandsDistr Man page
SummandsDistr,CompoundDistribution-method Man page
SummandsDistr-methods Man page
support Man page
support,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
support-methods Man page
support,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
SymmCenter Man page
SymmCenter,Symmetry-method Man page
Symmetry Man page
Symmetry-class Man page
Symmetry,Distribution-method Man page
Symmetry-methods Man page
Symmetry,UnivarMixingDistribution-method Man page
Td Man page
Td-class Man page
TParameter-class Man page
Truncate Man page
Truncate,AbscontDistribution-method Man page
Truncate,DiscreteDistribution-method Man page
Truncate,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
Truncate-methods Man page
Truncate,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
.trunc.low Man page
TruncQuantile Man page
.trunc.up Man page
type Man page
type,Symmetry-method Man page
.ULC.cast Man page
Unif Man page
Unif-class Man page
*,Unif,numeric-method Man page
+,Unif,numeric-method Man page
UnifParameter-class Man page
UniNormParameter-class Man page
UnivarDistrList Man page
UnivarDistrList-class Man page
-,UnivariateDistribution,ANY-method Man page
UnivariateDistribution-class Man page
*,UnivariateDistribution,Dirac-method Man page
+,UnivariateDistribution,Dirac-method Man page
-,UnivariateDistribution,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
-,UnivariateDistribution,missing-method Man page
-,UnivariateDistribution,numeric-method Man page
/,UnivariateDistribution,numeric-method Man page
*,UnivariateDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,UnivariateDistribution,numeric-method Man page
-,UnivariateDistribution,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
+,UnivariateDistribution,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
UnivarLebDecDistribution Man page
UnivarLebDecDistribution-class Man page
*,UnivarLebDecDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,UnivarLebDecDistribution,numeric-method Man page
+,UnivarLebDecDistribution,UnivarLebDecDistribution-method Man page
UnivarMixingDistribution Man page
UnivarMixingDistribution-class Man page
UnivDistrListOrDistribution-class Man page
use.generalized.inverse.by.default Man page
WarningArith Man page
WarningArith Man page
WarningSim Man page
WarningSim Man page
warn.makeDNew Man page
Weibull Man page
Weibull-class Man page
*,Weibull,numeric-method Man page
WeibullParameter-class Man page
width Man page
width<- Man page
width<-,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
width,LatticeDistribution-method Man page
width<-,Lattice-method Man page
width,Lattice-method Man page
width<--methods Man page
width-methods Man page
withgaps Man page
withSweave Man page


demo/range.R demo/ConvolutionNormalDistr.R demo/Expectation.R demo/StationaryRegressorDistr.R demo/ComparisonFFTandRtoDPQ.R demo/NormApprox.R demo/nFoldConvolution.R
R/AllClasses.R R/AllGenerics.R R/flat.R R/Infoshow.r R/plot-methods_LebDec.R R/BinomialDistribution.R R/sqrt.R R/Huberize.R R/internalUtils_LCD.R R/Convpow.R R/internalUtils.R R/LogisticDistribution.R R/ContDistribution.R R/DiracDistribution.R R/standardMethods.R R/DistrList.R R/HypergeomDistribution.R R/bAcDcLcDistribution.R R/ExtraConvolutionMethods.R R/igamma.R R/DiscreteDistribution.R R/qqplot.R R/LatticeDistribution.R R/PosDefSymmMatrix.R R/Distribution.R R/DistrSymmList.R R/0pre270.R R/internals-qqplot.R R/MinMaximum.R R/LognormalDistribution.R R/Spaces.r R/ArcsineDistribution.R R/0pre230.R R/ChisquaredDistribution.R R/plot-methods.R R/Truncate.R R/UniformDistribution.R R/NegbinomDistribution.R R/Lattice.R R/ExpOrdGammaOrChisq.R R/internalUtils_trunc.R R/qqbounds.R R/UtilitiesDistributions.R R/BetaDistribution.R R/SimplifyD.R R/makeAbscontDistribution.R R/FDistribution.R R/Parameter.R R/PoissonDistribution.R R/GammaDistribution.R R/StudentDistribution.R R/UnivarLebDecDistribution.R R/NormalDistribution.R R/ExponentialDistribution.R R/0distrOptions.R R/CauchyDistribution.R R/UnivarMixingDistribution.R R/solve.R R/getLabel.R R/WeibullDistribution.R R/decomposePM.R R/makedots.R R/versionManagement.R R/Symmetry.R R/AllInitialize.R R/EmpiricalDistribution.R R/setIsRelations.R R/LaplaceDistribution.R R/getLow.R R/bAffLinUnivarLebDecDistribution.R R/GeometricDistribution.R R/liesInSupport.R R/print-show-methods.R R/CompoundDistribution.R
man/support-methods.Rd man/lambda-methods.Rd man/p-methods.Rd man/p.l-methods.Rd man/RtoDPQ.d.Rd man/Symmetry-class.Rd man/Min-methods.Rd man/DiracParameter-class.Rd man/meanlog-methods.Rd man/UnivariateDistribution-class.Rd man/Truncate-methods.Rd man/igamma.Rd man/solve-methods.Rd man/getLabel.Rd man/internals-qqplot.Rd man/mean-methods.Rd man/EmpiricalDistribution.Rd man/DExp-class.Rd man/AbscontDistribution-class.Rd man/Lnorm-class.Rd man/df-methods.Rd man/ExpOrGammaOrChisq-class.Rd man/df2-methods.Rd man/plot-methods.Rd man/TParameter-class.Rd man/NoSymmetry-class.Rd man/LogisParameter-class.Rd man/dim-methods.Rd man/WeibullParameter-class.Rd man/Td-class.Rd man/OptionalParameter-class.Rd man/qqplot.Rd man/NoSymmetry.Rd man/Beta-class.Rd man/param-methods.Rd man/Logis-class.Rd man/Fd-class.Rd man/rSpace-class.Rd man/pivot-methods.Rd man/Weibull-class.Rd man/name-methods.Rd man/flat.mix.Rd man/r-methods.Rd man/Integer-class.Rd man/liesInSupport.Rd man/DistrSymmList-class.Rd man/sdlog-methods.Rd man/UnivarDistrList-class.Rd man/DistrSymmList.Rd man/FParameter-class.Rd man/k-methods.Rd man/ncp-methods.Rd man/shape1-methods.Rd man/CompoundDistribution-class.Rd man/sqrt-methods.Rd man/distrMASK.Rd man/HyperParameter-class.Rd man/Max-methods.Rd man/PosDefSymmMatrix-class.Rd man/d-methods.Rd man/EllipticalSymmetry-class.Rd man/DiscreteDistribution-class.Rd man/Dirac-class.Rd man/UnivarMixingDistribution.Rd man/sd-methods.Rd man/ChisqParameter-class.Rd man/EllipticalSymmetry.Rd man/Distribution-class.Rd man/Chisq-class.Rd man/ConvPow.Rd man/distrARITH.Rd man/UnivarMixingDistribution-class.Rd man/options.Rd man/getLow.Rd man/NbinomParameter-class.Rd man/PosDefSymmMatrix.Rd man/NormParameter-class.Rd man/Cauchy-class.Rd man/Lattice-class.Rd man/Length-methods.Rd man/Parameter-class.Rd man/q.r-methods.Rd man/operators-methods.Rd man/Hyper-class.Rd man/dimension-methods.Rd man/Math-methods.Rd man/flat.LCD.Rd man/LatticeDistribution.Rd man/gap-methods.Rd man/standardMethods.Rd man/MakeAbscontDistribution.Rd man/GeomParameter-class.Rd man/Exp-class.Rd man/qqbounds.Rd man/internals.Rd man/print-methods.Rd man/showobj-methods.Rd man/RtoDPQ.Rd man/EuclideanSpace-class.Rd man/distroptions.Rd man/df1-methods.Rd man/AbscontDistribution.Rd man/RtoDPQ.LC.Rd man/ExpParameter-class.Rd man/DistrList.Rd man/Nbinom-class.Rd man/prob-methods.Rd man/CauchyParameter-class.Rd man/Gammad-class.Rd man/decomposePM-methods.Rd man/BetaParameter-class.Rd man/UnivarDistrList.Rd man/Norm-class.Rd man/rate-methods.Rd man/MinMaximum-methods.Rd man/DistributionSymmetry-class.Rd man/location-methods.Rd man/size-methods.Rd man/LatticeDistribution-class.Rd man/DiscreteDistribution.Rd man/internalClassUnions-class.Rd man/DistrList-class.Rd man/versionmanagement.Rd man/width-methods.Rd man/shape2-methods.Rd man/SphericalSymmetry.Rd man/Pois-class.Rd man/Geom-class.Rd man/SphericalSymmetry-class.Rd man/scale-methods.Rd man/UnivarLebDecDistribution.Rd man/m-methods.Rd man/Unif-class.Rd man/GammaParameter-class.Rd man/n-methods.Rd man/img-methods.Rd man/UnivarLebDecDistribution-class.Rd man/shape-methods.Rd man/internalGenerics.Rd man/Arcsine-class.Rd man/PoisParameter-class.Rd man/UniNormParameter-class.Rd man/CompoundDistribution.Rd man/Huberize-methods.Rd man/UnifParameter-class.Rd man/q-methods.Rd man/liesIn-methods.Rd man/0distr-package.Rd man/LnormParameter-class.Rd man/Binom-class.Rd man/simplifyD-methods.Rd man/simplifyr-methods.Rd man/BinomParameter-class.Rd man/Naturals-class.Rd man/Reals-class.Rd

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