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Extensions of Package 'distr'

0distrEx-packagedistrEx - Extensions of Package distr
AbscontCondDistribution-classAbsolutely continuous conditional distribution
AsymTotalVarDistGeneric function for the computation of asymmetric total...
ContaminationSizeGeneric Function for the Computation of the Convex...
ConvexContaminationGeneric Function for Generating Convex Contaminations
CvMDistGeneric function for the computation of the Cramer - von...
dim-methodsMethods for Function dim in Package 'distrEx'
DiscreteCondDistribution-classDiscrete conditional distribution
DiscreteMVDistributionGenerating function for multivariate discrete distribution
DiscreteMVDistribution-classDiscrete Multivariate Distributions
distrExIntegrateIntegration of One-Dimensional Functions
distrExMASKMasking of/by other functions in package "distrEx"
distrExMOVEDMoved functionality from package "distrEx"
distrExOptionsFunction to change the global variables of the package...
EGeneric Function for the Computation of (Conditional)...
EmpiricalMVDistributionGenerating function for mulitvariate discrete distribution
EuclConditionGenerating function for EuclCondition-class
EuclCondition-classConditioning by an Euclidean space.
GLIntegrateGauss-Legendre Quadrature
HellingerDistGeneric function for the computation of the Hellinger...
internalsInternal functions of package distrEx
KolmogorovDistGeneric function for the computation of the Kolmogorov...
liesInSupportGeneric Function for Testing the Support of a Distribution
LMCondDistributionGenerating function for the conditional distribution of a...
LMParameterGenerating function for LMParameter-class
LMParameter-classParameter of a linear regression model
m1dfGeneric Function for the Computation of Clipped First Moments
m2dfGeneric function for the computation of clipped second...
make01Centering and Standardization of Univariate Distributions
MultivariateDistribution-classMultivariate Distributions
OAsymTotalVarDistGeneric function for the computation of (minimal) asymmetric...
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'distrEx'
PrognCondDistributionGenerating function for PrognCondDistribution-class
PrognCondDistribution-classPosterior distribution in convolution
PrognCondition-classConditions of class 'PrognCondition'
TotalVarDistGeneric function for the computation of the total variation...
UnivariateCondDistribution-classUnivariate conditional distribution
VarGeneric Functions for the Computation of Functionals
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