distrMod: Object Oriented Implementation of Probability Models

Implements S4 classes for probability models based on packages 'distr' and 'distrEx'.

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AuthorMatthias Kohl [aut, cph], Peter Ruckdeschel [cre, cph], R Core Team [ctb, cph] (for source file 'format.perc')
Date of publication2016-09-04 20:14:29
MaintainerPeter Ruckdeschel <peter.ruckdeschel@uni-oldenburg.de>

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Man pages

0distrMod-package: distrMod - Object Oriented Implementation of Probability...

addAlphTrsp2col: "addAlphTrsp2col"

asBias: Generating function for asBias-class

asBias-class: Standardized Asymptotic Bias

asCov: Generating function for asCov-class

asCov-class: Asymptotic covariance

asGRisk-class: Convex asymptotic risk

asHampel: Generating function for asHampel-class

asHampel-class: Asymptotic Hampel risk

asMSE: Generating function for asMSE-class

asMSE-class: Asymptotic mean square error

asRisk-class: Aymptotic risk

asRiskwithBias-class: Aymptotic risk

asSemivar: Generating function for asSemivar-class

asSemivar-class: Semivariance Risk Type

asUnOvShoot: Generating function for asUnOvShoot-class

asUnOvShoot-class: Asymptotic under-/overshoot probability

asymmetricBias: Generating function for asymmetricBias-class

asymmetricBias-class: asymmetric Bias Type

BetaFamily: Generating function for Beta families

BiasType-class: Bias Type

BinomFamily: Generating function for Binomial families

CauchyLocationScaleFamily: Generating function for Cauchy location and scale families

checkL2deriv: Generic function for checking L2-derivatives

Confint-class: Confint-class

confint-methods: Methods for function confint in Package 'distrMod'

distrModMASK: Masking of/by other functions in package "distrMod"

distrModOptions: Function to change the global variables of the package...

Estimate-class: Estimate-class.

Estimator: Function to compute estimates

EvenSymmetric: Generating function for EvenSymmetric-class

EvenSymmetric-class: Class for Even Functions

existsPIC: Methods for Function existsPIC in Package 'distrMod'

ExpScaleFamily: Generating function for exponential scale families

fiBias: Generating function for fiBias-class

fiBias-class: Finite-sample Bias

fiCov: Generating function for fiCov-class

fiCov-class: Finite-sample covariance

fiHampel: Generating function for fiHampel-class

fiHampel-class: Finite-sample Hampel risk

fiMSE: Generating function for fiMSE-class

fiMSE-class: Finite-sample mean square error

fiRisk-class: Finite-sample risk

fiUnOvShoot: Generating function for fiUnOvShoot-class

fiUnOvShoot-class: Finite-sample under-/overshoot probability

FunctionSymmetry-class: Class of Symmetries for Functions

FunSymmList: Generating function for FunSymmList-class

FunSymmList-class: List of Symmetries for a List of Functions

GammaFamily: Generating function for Gamma families

InfoNorm: Generating function for InfoNorm-class

internalClassUnions-class: Class unions in 'distrMod'

internal-methods: Methods for Function .checkEstClassForParamFamily in Package...

internalmleHelpers: Internal helper functions for treating MCEstimators in...

InternalReturnClasses-class: Internal return classes for generating functions

internals: Internal functions of package distrMod

internals-qqplot: Internal functions for qqplot of package distrMod

isKerAinKerB: isKerAinKerB

L2GroupFamily-class: L2 differentiable parametric group family

L2LocationFamily: Generating function for L2LocationFamily-class

L2LocationFamily-class: L2 differentiable parametric group family

L2LocationScaleFamily: Generating function for L2LocationScaleFamily-class

L2LocationScaleFamily-class: L2 differentiable parametric group family

L2LocationUnknownScaleFamily: Generating function for L2LocationScaleFamily-class in...

L2ParamFamily: Generating function for L2ParamFamily-class

L2ParamFamily-class: L2 differentiable parametric family

L2ScaleFamily: Generating function for L2ScaleFamily-class

L2ScaleFamily-class: L2 differentiable parametric group family

L2ScaleUnknownLocationFamily: Generating function for L2LocationScaleFamily-class in...

LnormScaleFamily: Generating function for lognormal scale families

MCEstimate-class: MCEstimate-class.

MCEstimator: Function to compute minimum criterion estimates

MDEstimator: Function to compute minimum distance estimates

meRes: helper functions for mceCalc and mleCalc

mleCalc-methods: Methods for functions mceCalc and mleCalc in Package...

MLEstimator: Function to compute maximum likelihood estimates

modifyModel-methods: Methods for function modifyModel in Package 'distrMod'

NBinomFamily: Generating function for Nbinomial families

negativeBias: Generating function for onesidedBias-class

NonSymmetric: Generating function for NonSymmetric-class

NonSymmetric-class: Class for Non-symmetric Functions

NormLocationFamily: Generating function for normal location families

NormLocationScaleFamily: Generating function for normal location and scale families

NormLocationUnknownScaleFamily: Generating function for normal location families with unknown...

norms: Norm functions

NormScaleFamily: Generating function for normal scale families

NormScaleUnknownLocationFamily: Generating function for normal scale families with unknown...

NormType: Generating function for NormType-class

NormType-class: Norm Type

OddSymmetric: Generating function for OddSymmetric-class

OddSymmetric-class: Class for Odd Functions

onesidedBias-class: onesided Bias Type

ParamFamily: Generating function for ParamFamily-class

ParamFamily-class: Parametric family of probability measures.

ParamFamParameter: Generating function for ParamFamParameter-class

ParamFamParameter-class: Parameter of a parametric family of probability measures

PoisFamily: Generating function for Poisson families

positiveBias: Generating function for onesidedBias-class

print-methods: Common 'print' Methods for S4 classes in Package 'distrMod'

ProbFamily-class: Family of probability measures

QFNorm: Generating function for QFNorm-class

QFnorm-class: Norm classes for norms based on quadratic forms

qqplot: Methods for Function qqplot in Package 'distrMod'

returnlevelplot: Methods for Function returnlevelplot in Package 'distrMod'

RiskType-class: Risk

SelfNorm: Generating function for SelfNorm-class

symmetricBias: Generating function for symmetricBias-class

symmetricBias-class: symmetric Bias Type

trafoEst: Function trafoEst in Package 'distrMod'

trafo-methods: Methods for function trafo in Package 'distrMod'

trAsCov: Generating function for trAsCov-class

trAsCov-class: Trace of asymptotic covariance

trFiCov: Generating function for trFiCov-class

trFiCov-class: Trace of finite-sample covariance

validParameter-methods: Methods for function validParameter in Package 'distrMod'


addAlphTrsp2col Man page
addInfo<- Man page
addInfo<-,Estimate-method Man page
addProp<- Man page
addProp<-,ProbFamily-method Man page
asBias Man page
asBias-class Man page
asCov Man page
asCov-class Man page
asGRisk-class Man page
asHampel Man page
asHampel-class Man page
asMSE Man page
asMSE-class Man page
asRisk-class Man page
asRiskwithBias-class Man page
asSemivar Man page
asSemivar-class Man page
asUnOvShoot Man page
asUnOvShoot-class Man page
asvar Man page
asvar<- Man page
asvar<-,Estimate-method Man page
asvar,Estimate-method Man page
asymmetricBias Man page
asymmetricBias-class Man page
BetaFamily Man page
BetaFamily-class Man page
biastype Man page
biastype<- Man page
biastype<-,asRiskwithBias-method Man page
biastype,asRiskwithBias-method Man page
BiasType-class Man page
BinomFamily Man page
BinomFamily-class Man page
bound Man page
bound,asHampel-method Man page
bound,fiHampel-method Man page
call.estimate Man page
call.estimate,Confint-method Man page
.callParamFamParameter Man page
CauchyLocationScaleFamily Man page
CauchyLocationScaleFamily-class Man page
.checkEstClassForParamFamily Man page
.checkEstClassForParamFamily,ANY,ANY-method Man page
.checkEstClassForParamFamily,ANY-method Man page
.checkEstClassForParamFamily-methods Man page
checkL2deriv Man page
checkL2deriv,L2ParamFamily-method Man page
coerce,FunctionSymmetry,FunSymmList-method Man page
coerce,MCEstimate,mle-method Man page
completecases Man page
completecases.estimate Man page
completecases.estimate,Confint-method Man page
completecases,Estimate-method Man page
confint Man page
confint,ANY,missing-method Man page
Confint-class Man page
confint,Confint,missing-method Man page
confint,Estimate,missing-method Man page
confint-methods Man page
confint,mle,missing-method Man page
confint,profile.mle,missing-method Man page
criterion Man page
criterion<- Man page
criterion.fct Man page
criterion.fct,MCEstimate-method Man page
criterion<-,MCEstimate-method Man page
criterion,MCEstimate-method Man page
.CvMMDCovariance Man page
.deleteDim Man page
dimension,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
distribution Man page
distribution,ProbFamily-method Man page
distrMod Man page
distrModMASK Man page
distrModoptions Man page
distrModOptions Man page
distrMod-package Man page
distrSymm Man page
distrSymm,ProbFamily-method Man page
d,ProbFamily-method Man page
E,L2ParamFamily,EuclRandMatrix,missing-method Man page
E,L2ParamFamily,EuclRandVariable,missing-method Man page
E,L2ParamFamily,EuclRandVarList,missing-method Man page
estimate Man page
estimate.call Man page
estimate.call,Estimate-method Man page
Estimate-class Man page
estimate,Estimate-method Man page
Estimator Man page
EuclideanNorm Man page
EvenSymmetric Man page
EvenSymmetric-class Man page
existsPIC Man page
existsPIC,L2ParamFamily-method Man page
existsPIC-methods Man page
ExpScaleFamily Man page
ExpScaleFamily-class Man page
fam.call Man page
fam.call,ParamFamily-method Man page
fct Man page
fct<- Man page
fct<-,NormType-method Man page
fct,NormType-method Man page
fiBias Man page
fiBias-class Man page
fiCov Man page
fiCov-class Man page
fiHampel Man page
fiHampel-class Man page
fiMSE Man page
fiMSE-class Man page
fiRisk-class Man page
FisherInfo Man page
FisherInfo,L2ParamFamily,missing-method Man page
FisherInfo,L2ParamFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
fiUnOvShoot Man page
fiUnOvShoot-class Man page
fixed Man page
fixed<- Man page
fixed.estimate Man page
fixed.estimate,Confint-method Man page
fixed,Estimate-method Man page
fixed,ParamFamily-method Man page
fixed<-,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
fixed,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
fixed,ParamWithScaleAndShapeFamParameter-method Man page
FunctionSymmetry-class Man page
FunSymmList Man page
FunSymmList-class Man page
GammaFamily Man page
GammaFamily-class Man page
.get.criterion.fct Man page
get.criterion.fct Man page
getdistrModOption Man page
.getLogDeriv Man page
GParetoFamily-class Man page
.inArgs Man page
InfoNorm Man page
InfoNorm-class Man page
Infos Man page
Infos<- Man page
Infos<-,Estimate-method Man page
Infos,Estimate-method Man page
InternalClassUnions Man page
internal_mlehelpers_for_distrMod Man page
InternalReturnClasses-class Man page
internals_for_distrMod Man page
internals_for_qqplot Man page
isKerAinKerB Man page
.isUnitMatrix Man page
L2deriv Man page
L2derivDistr Man page
L2derivDistr,L2ParamFamily-method Man page
L2derivDistrSymm Man page
L2derivDistrSymm,L2ParamFamily-method Man page
L2deriv,L2ParamFamily,missing-method Man page
L2deriv,L2ParamFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
L2derivSymm Man page
L2derivSymm,L2ParamFamily-method Man page
L2GroupParamFamily-class Man page
L2LocationFamily Man page
L2LocationFamily-class Man page
L2LocationScaleFamily Man page
L2LocationScaleFamily-class Man page
L2LocationScaleUnion-class Man page
L2LocationUnknownScaleFamily Man page
L2ParamFamily Man page
L2ParamFamily-class Man page
L2ScaleFamily Man page
L2ScaleFamily-class Man page
L2ScaleShapeUnion-class Man page
L2ScaleUnion-class Man page
L2ScaleUnknownLocationFamily Man page
.labelprep Man page
length,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
LnormScaleFamily Man page
LnormScaleFamily-class Man page
locscalename Man page
locscalename<- Man page
locscalename<-,L2LocationScaleUnion-method Man page
locscalename,L2LocationScaleUnion-method Man page
LogDeriv Man page
LogDeriv<- Man page
LogDeriv<-,L2GroupParamFamily-method Man page
LogDeriv,L2GroupParamFamily-method Man page
main Man page
main<- Man page
main,Estimate-method Man page
main,ParamFamily-method Man page
main<-,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
main,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
main,ParamWithScaleAndShapeFamParameter-method Man page
makeOKPar Man page
makeOKPar,ParamFamily-method Man page
MASKING Man page
MatrixorFunction-class Man page
mceCalc Man page
mceCalc-methods Man page
mceCalc,numeric,ParamFamily-method Man page
MCEstimate-class Man page
MCEstimator Man page
MDEstimator Man page
meRes Man page
method Man page
method,MCEstimate-method Man page
mleCalc Man page
mleCalc-methods Man page
mleCalc,numeric,BinomFamily-method Man page
mleCalc,numeric,NormLocationFamily-method Man page
mleCalc,numeric,NormLocationScaleFamily-method Man page
mleCalc,numeric,NormScaleFamily-method Man page
mleCalc,numeric,ParamFamily-method Man page
mleCalc,numeric,PoisFamily-method Man page
MLEstimator Man page
modifyModel Man page
modifyModel,ExpScaleFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyModel,GammaFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyModel,L2LocationFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyModel,L2LocationScaleFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyModel,L2ParamFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyModel,L2ScaleFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyModel-methods Man page
modifyModel,ParamFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
modifyParam Man page
modifyParam,ParamFamily-method Man page
name<-,BiasType-method Man page
name,BiasType-method Man page
name.estimate Man page
name.estimate,Confint-method Man page
name<-,Estimate-method Man page
name,Estimate-method Man page
name<-,NormType-method Man page
name,NormType-method Man page
name<-,ProbFamily-method Man page
name,ProbFamily-method Man page
NbinomFamily Man page
NbinomMeanSizeFamily Man page
NbinomwithSizeFamily Man page
negativeBias Man page
.negLoglikelihood Man page
NonSymmetric Man page
NonSymmetric-class Man page
norm Man page
norm,asRiskwithBias-method Man page
NormLocationFamily Man page
NormLocationFamily-class Man page
NormLocationScaleFamily Man page
NormLocationScaleFamily-class Man page
NormLocationUnknownScaleFamily Man page
NormScaleFamily Man page
NormScaleFamily-class Man page
NormScaleUnknownLocationFamily Man page
normtype Man page
normtype<- Man page
NormType Man page
normtype<-,asRiskwithBias-method Man page
normtype,asRiskwithBias-method Man page
NormType-class Man page
nu Man page
nu<- Man page
nu<-,asymmetricBias-method Man page
nu,asymmetricBias-method Man page
nuisance Man page
nuisance<- Man page
nuisance.estimate Man page
nuisance.estimate,Confint-method Man page
nuisance,Estimate-method Man page
nuisance,ParamFamily-method Man page
nuisance<-,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
nuisance,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
nuisance,ParamWithScaleAndShapeFamParameter-method Man page
OddSymmetric Man page
OddSymmetric-class Man page
onesidedBias-class Man page
optimwarn Man page
optimwarn,MCEstimate-method Man page
OptionalDistrListOrCall-class Man page
OptionalNumericOrMatrix-class Man page
OptionalNumericOrMatrixOrCall-class Man page
ParamFamily Man page
ParamFamily-class Man page
ParamFamParameter Man page
ParamFamParameter-class Man page
param,ParamFamily-method Man page
ParamWithScaleAndShapeFamParameter-class Man page
ParamWithScaleFamParameter-class Man page
ParamWithShapeFamParameter-class Man page
plot Man page
plot,L2ParamFamily,missing-method Man page
plot-methods Man page
plot,ParamFamily,missing-method Man page
PoisFamily Man page
PoisFamily-class Man page
positiveBias Man page
p,ProbFamily-method Man page
print,Confint-method Man page
print,Estimate-method Man page
print-methods Man page
print,ShowDetails-method Man page
ProbFamily-class Man page
.process.meCalcRes Man page
profile,MCEstimate-method Man page
props Man page
props<- Man page
props<-,ProbFamily-method Man page
props,ProbFamily-method Man page
QFNorm Man page
QFNorm-class Man page
q,ProbFamily-method Man page
qqplot Man page
qqplot,ANY,Estimate-method Man page
qqplot,ANY,ProbFamily-method Man page
qqplot,ANY,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
qqplot-methods Man page
QuadForm Man page
QuadForm<- Man page
QuadFormNorm Man page
QuadForm<-,QFNorm-method Man page
QuadForm,QFNorm-method Man page
returnlevelplot Man page
returnlevelplot,ANY,Estimate-method Man page
returnlevelplot,ANY,ProbFamily-method Man page
returnlevelplot,ANY,UnivariateDistribution-method Man page
returnlevelplot-methods Man page
RiskType-class Man page
r,ProbFamily-method Man page
samplesize Man page
.samplesize Man page
samplesize.estimate Man page
samplesize.estimate,Confint-method Man page
samplesize,Estimate-method Man page
samplesize,numeric-method Man page
scalename Man page
scalename,L2LocationScaleUnion-method Man page
scalename,L2ScaleShapeUnion-method Man page
scaleshapename Man page
scaleshapename<- Man page
scaleshapename<-,L2ScaleShapeUnion-method Man page
scaleshapename,L2ScaleShapeUnion-method Man page
SelfNorm Man page
SelfNorm-class Man page
show,asHampel-method Man page
show,asUnOvShoot-method Man page
show,Confint-method Man page
show.details Man page
ShowDetails-class Man page
show,Estimate-method Man page
show,fiHampel-method Man page
show,fiUnOvShoot-method Man page
show,MCEstimate-method Man page
show,ParamFamily-method Man page
show,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
show,ParamWithScaleAndShapeFamParameter-method Man page
show,ParamWithShapeFamParameter-method Man page
show,RiskType-method Man page
.show.with.sd Man page
sign Man page
sign<- Man page
sign<-,asSemivar-method Man page
sign,asSemivar-method Man page
sign<-,onesidedBias-method Man page
sign,onesidedBias-method Man page
startPar Man page
startPar,MCEstimate-method Man page
startPar,ParamFamily-method Man page
symmetricBias Man page
symmetricBias-class Man page
trafo Man page
trafo<- Man page
trafoEst Man page
trafo.estimate Man page
trafo.estimate,Confint-method Man page
trafo,Estimate,missing-method Man page
trafo,Estimate,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
trafo.fct Man page
trafo.fct-methods Man page
trafo.fct,ParamFamily-method Man page
trafo-methods Man page
trafo<-,ParamFamily-method Man page
trafo,ParamFamily-method Man page
trafo,ParamFamily,missing-method Man page
trafo,ParamFamily,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
trafo<-,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
trafo,ParamFamParameter-method Man page
trafo,ParamFamParameter,missing-method Man page
trafo,ParamWithScaleAndShapeFamParameter,missing-method Man page
trAsCov Man page
trAsCov-class Man page
trFiCov Man page
trFiCov-class Man page
type,Confint-method Man page
type,RiskType-method Man page
untransformed.asvar Man page
untransformed.asvar,Estimate-method Man page
untransformed.estimate Man page
untransformed.estimate,Estimate-method Man page
validParameter Man page
validParameter,BinomFamily-method Man page
validParameter,L2LocationFamily-method Man page
validParameter,L2LocationScaleFamily-method Man page
validParameter,L2ScaleFamily-method Man page
validParameter,L2ScaleShapeUnion-method Man page
validParameter,L2ScaleUnion-method Man page
validParameter-methods Man page
validParameter,ParamFamily-method Man page
validParameter,PoisFamily-method Man page
.validTrafo Man page
width Man page
width,asUnOvShoot-method Man page
width,fiUnOvShoot-method Man page
withPosRestr Man page
withPosRestr<- Man page
withPosRestr<-,L2ScaleShapeUnion-method Man page
withPosRestr,L2ScaleShapeUnion-method Man page
withPosRestr<-,ParamWithShapeFamParameter-method Man page
withPosRestr,ParamWithShapeFamParameter-method Man page


inst/scripts/PoisFam.R inst/scripts/example_CvMMDE.R inst/scripts/distrModExample.R inst/scripts/examples2.R inst/scripts/distrModExample1.R inst/scripts/BetaFam.R inst/scripts/censoredPois.R inst/scripts/modelExp3.R
demo/censoredPois.R demo/modelExp3.R
R/MDEstimator.R R/AllPlot.R R/SimpleL2ParamFamilies.R R/Confint-class.R R/mleCalc-methods.R R/ParamFamily.R R/ParamFamParameter.R R/ProbFamily.R R/Expectation.R R/qqplot.R R/checkEstClassForParamFamilyMethods.R R/AllClass.R R/MCEstimate.R R/returnlevelplot.R R/AllShow.R R/Estimate.R R/norms.R R/Estimator.R R/BiasType.R R/validParameter.R R/L2GroupFamilies.R R/MLEstimator.R R/confint.R R/AllReturnClasses.R R/0distrModUtils.R R/setAs.R R/AllGeneric.R R/RiskType.R R/modifyModel.R R/alphaTransp.R R/existsPIC.R R/Symmetry.R R/L2GroupFamilies-methods.R R/internalMleCalc.R R/L2ParamFamily.R R/MCEstimator.R R/FunSymmList.R R/0distrModOptions.R
man/NormLocationScaleFamily.Rd man/InternalReturnClasses-class.Rd man/MLEstimator.Rd man/fiBias-class.Rd man/NBinomFamily.Rd man/LnormScaleFamily.Rd man/L2LocationScaleFamily-class.Rd man/trAsCov-class.Rd man/EvenSymmetric-class.Rd man/ParamFamily-class.Rd man/internals-qqplot.Rd man/modifyModel-methods.Rd man/SelfNorm.Rd man/fiRisk-class.Rd man/Confint-class.Rd man/L2LocationFamily-class.Rd man/L2LocationUnknownScaleFamily.Rd man/EvenSymmetric.Rd man/asCov.Rd man/ProbFamily-class.Rd man/symmetricBias-class.Rd man/FunctionSymmetry-class.Rd man/MCEstimator.Rd man/NormScaleFamily.Rd man/trAsCov.Rd man/asCov-class.Rd man/checkL2deriv.Rd man/qqplot.Rd man/asymmetricBias-class.Rd man/addAlphTrsp2col.Rd man/L2LocationScaleFamily.Rd man/RiskType-class.Rd man/asRiskwithBias-class.Rd man/symmetricBias.Rd man/BetaFamily.Rd man/OddSymmetric.Rd man/trFiCov-class.Rd man/L2ParamFamily-class.Rd man/existsPIC.Rd man/ExpScaleFamily.Rd man/L2LocationFamily.Rd man/negativeBias.Rd man/trafoEst.Rd man/norms.Rd man/asMSE.Rd man/L2ScaleUnknownLocationFamily.Rd man/ParamFamParameter-class.Rd man/fiHampel.Rd man/mleCalc-methods.Rd man/fiBias.Rd man/FunSymmList-class.Rd man/asGRisk-class.Rd man/MDEstimator.Rd man/asRisk-class.Rd man/fiCov.Rd man/internalmleHelpers.Rd man/asSemivar.Rd man/fiHampel-class.Rd man/internal-methods.Rd man/fiUnOvShoot.Rd man/NormType.Rd man/asHampel-class.Rd man/ParamFamily.Rd man/QFNorm.Rd man/CauchyLocationScaleFamily.Rd man/L2ParamFamily.Rd man/returnlevelplot.Rd man/L2ScaleFamily-class.Rd man/OddSymmetric-class.Rd man/NormType-class.Rd man/fiMSE-class.Rd man/fiMSE.Rd man/ParamFamParameter.Rd man/distrModMASK.Rd man/NormLocationFamily.Rd man/asMSE-class.Rd man/validParameter-methods.Rd man/L2ScaleFamily.Rd man/FunSymmList.Rd man/confint-methods.Rd man/asymmetricBias.Rd man/onesidedBias-class.Rd man/meRes.Rd man/BiasType-class.Rd man/asBias.Rd man/PoisFamily.Rd man/Estimate-class.Rd man/internals.Rd man/print-methods.Rd man/NonSymmetric.Rd man/L2GroupFamily-class.Rd man/InfoNorm.Rd man/NormLocationUnknownScaleFamily.Rd man/asSemivar-class.Rd man/fiUnOvShoot-class.Rd man/Estimator.Rd man/trFiCov.Rd man/isKerAinKerB.Rd man/internalClassUnions-class.Rd man/distrModOptions.Rd man/asHampel.Rd man/asBias-class.Rd man/GammaFamily.Rd man/MCEstimate-class.Rd man/trafo-methods.Rd man/positiveBias.Rd man/asUnOvShoot-class.Rd man/fiCov-class.Rd man/BinomFamily.Rd man/0distrMod-package.Rd man/NormScaleUnknownLocationFamily.Rd man/asUnOvShoot.Rd man/QFnorm-class.Rd man/NonSymmetric-class.Rd

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