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Estimation and Testing Classes Based on Package 'distr'

0distrTEst-packagedistrTEst - Estimation and Testing Classes Based on Package...
call.ev-methodsMethods for Function call.ev in Package 'distrTEst'
Data-methodsMethods for Function Data in Package 'distrTEst'
distrTEst-internalsInternal routines/objects in Package 'distrTEst'
distrTEstoptionsfunctions to change the global variables of the package...
estimator-methodsMethods for Function estimator in Package 'distrTEst'
evaluate-methodsMethods for Function evaluate in Package 'distrTEst'
Evaluation-classClass "Evaluation"
EvaluationList-classClass "EvaluationList"
filename-methodsMethods for Function filename in Package 'distrTEst'
name-methodsMethods for Function name in Package 'distrTEst'
numericorNULL-classClasses "numericorNULL", "CallorNULL", and "DataframeorNULL"
plot-methodsMethods for Function plot in Package 'distrTEst'
print-methodsMethods for Functions print and show in Package 'distrTEst'
result-methodsMethods for Function result in Package 'distrTEst'
savedata-methodsMethods for Function savedata in Package 'distrTEst'
summary-methodsMethods for Function summary in Package 'distrTEst'
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