diveMove: Dive Analysis and Calibration

Utilities to represent, visualize, filter, analyse, and summarize time-depth recorder (TDR) data. Miscellaneous functions for handling location data are also provided.

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AuthorSebastian P. Luque <spluque@gmail.com>
Date of publication2017-03-07 00:36:48
MaintainerSebastian P. Luque <spluque@gmail.com>

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Man pages

austFilter: Filter satellite locations

bout-methods: Methods for Plotting and Extracting the Bout Ending Criterion

bout-misc: Fit a Broken Stick Model on Log Frequency Data for...

bouts2MLE: Maximum Likelihood Model of mixture of 2 Poisson Processes

bouts2NLS: Fit mixture of 2 Poisson Processes to Log Frequency data

bouts3NLS: Fit mixture of 3 Poisson Processes to Log Frequency data

calibrateDepth: Calibrate Depth and Generate a "TDRcalibrate" object

calibrateSpeed: Calibrate and build a "TDRcalibrate" object

detDive-internal: Detect dives from depth readings

detPhase-internal: Detect phases of activity from depth readings

distSpeed: Calculate distance and speed between locations

diveModel-class: Class "diveModel" for representing a model for identifying...

diveMove-internal: Internal diveMove Functions

diveMove-package: Dive Analysis and Calibration

dives: Sample of TDR data from a fur seal

diveStats: Per-dive statistics

extractDive-methods: Extract Dives from "TDR" or "TDRcalibrate" Objects

labDive-internal: Internal Functions used for Detection of Dives

plotDiveModel-methods: Methods for plotting models of dive phases

plotTDR-methods: Methods for plotting objects of class "TDR" and...

plotZOC-methods: Methods for visually assessing results of ZOC procedure

readLocs: Read comma-delimited file with location data

readTDR: Read comma-delimited file with "TDR" data

rqPlot: Plot of quantile regression for speed calibrations

sealLocs: Ringed and Gray Seal ARGOS Satellite Location Data

TDR-accessors: Coerce, Extractor, and Replacement methods for class "TDR"...

TDRcalibrate-accessors: Methods to Show and Extract Basic Information from...

TDRcalibrate-class: Class "TDRcalibrate" for dive analysis

TDR-class: Classes "TDR" and "TDRspeed" for representing TDR information

timeBudget-methods: Describe the Time Budget of Major Activities from...


as.data.frame,TDR-method Man page
as.TDRspeed Man page
as.TDRspeed,TDR-method Man page
austFilter Man page
bec2 Man page
bec2,mle-method Man page
bec2,nls-method Man page
bec3 Man page
bec3,nls-method Man page
boutfreqs Man page
boutinit Man page
bout-methods Man page
bouts2.ll Man page
bouts2.LL Man page
bouts2.mleBEC Man page
bouts2.mleFUN Man page
bouts2.nls Man page
bouts2.nlsBEC Man page
bouts2.nlsFUN Man page
bouts3.nls Man page
bouts3.nlsBEC Man page
bouts3.nlsFUN Man page
bouts.mle Man page
calibrateDepth Man page
calibrateSpeed Man page
ccData<- Man page
ccData<-,TDR,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,TDR,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,TDR,TDRspeed-method Man page
createTDR Man page
.cutDive Man page
depth<- Man page
.depthFilter Man page
depth<-,TDR,numeric-method Man page
.derivStats Man page
.detDive Man page
detDive-internal Man page
.detPhase Man page
detPhase-internal Man page
distSpeed Man page
.diveIndices Man page
diveModel Man page
diveModel-class Man page
diveMove Man page
diveMove-package Man page
dives Man page
diveStats Man page
divesTDR Man page
extractDive Man page
extractDive-methods Man page
extractDive,TDRcalibrate,numeric,missing-method Man page
extractDive,TDR,numeric,numeric-method Man page
getCCData Man page
getCCData,TDR,character-method Man page
getCCData,TDR,missing-method Man page
getDAct Man page
getDAct,TDRcalibrate,character-method Man page
getDAct,TDRcalibrate,missing-method Man page
getDepth Man page
getDepth,TDR-method Man page
getDiveDeriv Man page
getDiveDeriv,diveModel-method Man page
getDiveDeriv,TDRcalibrate-method Man page
getDiveModel Man page
getDiveModel,TDRcalibrate,missing-method Man page
getDiveModel,TDRcalibrate,numeric-method Man page
getDPhaseLab Man page
getDPhaseLab,TDRcalibrate,missing-method Man page
getDPhaseLab,TDRcalibrate,numeric-method Man page
getDtime Man page
getDtime,TDR-method Man page
getFileName Man page
getFileName,TDR-method Man page
getGAct Man page
getGAct,TDRcalibrate,character-method Man page
getGAct,TDRcalibrate,missing-method Man page
.getInterval Man page
getSpeed Man page
getSpeedCoef Man page
getSpeedCoef,TDRcalibrate-method Man page
getSpeed,TDRspeed-method Man page
getTDR Man page
getTDR,TDRcalibrate-method Man page
getTime Man page
getTime,TDR-method Man page
grpSpeedFilter Man page
.labDive Man page
labDive-internal Man page
.labDivePhase Man page
labelBouts Man page
logit Man page
.night Man page
oneDiveStats Man page
plotBouts Man page
plotBouts2.cdf Man page
plotBouts2.mle Man page
plotBouts2.nls Man page
plotBouts3.nls Man page
plotBouts,mle-method Man page
plotBouts,nls-method Man page
plotDiveModel Man page
plotDiveModel,diveModel,missing-method Man page
plotDiveModel-methods Man page
plotDiveModel,numeric,numeric-method Man page
plotDiveModel,TDRcalibrate,missing-method Man page
plotTDR Man page
.plotTDR Man page
plotTDR-methods Man page
plotTDR,POSIXt,numeric-method Man page
plotTDR,TDRcalibrate,missing-method Man page
plotTDR,TDR,missing-method Man page
plotZOC Man page
.plotZOCfilters Man page
plotZOC-methods Man page
plotZOC,TDR,matrix-method Man page
.plotZOCtdrs Man page
plotZOC,TDR,TDRcalibrate-method Man page
readLocs Man page
readTDR Man page
.rleActivity Man page
rmsDistFilter Man page
rqPlot Man page
sealLocs Man page
show,diveModel-method Man page
show,TDRcalibrate-method Man page
show,TDR-method Man page
speed<- Man page
.speedCol Man page
.speedNames Man page
.speedStats Man page
speed<-,TDRspeed,numeric-method Man page
stampDive Man page
TDR Man page
TDR-accessors Man page
TDRcalibrate Man page
TDRcalibrate-accessors Man page
TDRcalibrate-class Man page
TDRcalibrate-methods Man page
TDR-class Man page
TDR-methods Man page
[,TDR,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
TDRspeed Man page
TDRspeed-class Man page
timeBudget Man page
timeBudget,TDRcalibrate,logical-method Man page
unLogit Man page
.zoc Man page

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