Man pages for dlmodeler
Generalized Dynamic Linear Modeler

AIC.dlmodeler.fitLog-likelihood and AIC of a model
dlmodeler.buildBuild a DLM an ARIMA model a "dummy seasonal" model a polynomial model a regression model a structural time series model a trigonometric seasonal model
dlmodeler.checkCheck dimensions and validity
dlmodeler.extractExtract the mean, covariance and prediction intervals for...
dlmodeler.filter.smoothFiltering and smoothing for a DLM
dlmodeler.fitFitting function for a model (MLE, MSE, MAD, sigma)
dlmodeler.forecastForecast function
dlmodeler-internalFor internal use only
dlmodeler.operatorsAdd, multiply or bind models
dlmodeler-packageGeneralized Dynamic Linear Modeler
dlmodeler.yeardaysReturn the number of days and weekdays in a given year
print.dlmodelerPrint a model
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