expected_value: Expected value of an indicator

Description Usage Arguments Value


expected_value returns the expected value of an indicator given item parameters and factor value.


expected_value(Lambda, Thresh, Theta, categorical = FALSE)



is the loading of the indicator on the factor.


is the intercept (continuous indicator) or vector of thresholds (categorical indicator) for the indicator.


is the value of the factor for which the expected value is to be computed


is a Boolean variable declaring whether the variables in the model are ordered categorical. Models in which some variables are categorical and others are continuous are not supported. If no value is provided, categorical defaults to FALSE, although if multiple thresholds are provided for an item, categorical will be forced to TRUE. A graded response model with probit link (e.g., DWLS in lavaan or WLSMV in Mplus) is used for categorical variables. If you desire for other categorical models (e.g., IRT parameterization) to be supported, e-mail the maintainer.


The expected value of the indicator when the factor score is Theta

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