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Easily Check Data Consistency and Quality

check_lenCheck if x$data has length > len
check_lfcCheck if all classes represent at least lfc of x$data
check_max_naCheck if fraction of x$data that is NA is <= max_na
check_max_unqCheck if there arent more than max_unq classes in x$data
check_max_valCheck if no entry of x$data is larger than max_val
check_mdpCheck if no entry of x$data has more decimal places than mdp
check_mfcCheck if no classe represents more than mfc of x$data
check_min_naCheck if fraction of x$data that is NA is => min_na
check_min_unqCheck if there arent less than min_unq classes in x$data
check_min_valCheck if no entry of x$data is smaller than min_val
check_typeCheck if x$data is of type type
compareCompares two tables
diagnoseChecks if a table is in its expected form
examineEDA automator
examine_Create summary statistics for every column in X (no grouping)
guess_examsGuesses column types
is_categoricalCheck if x$data is a categorical variable
is_characterCheck if x$data is a character variable
is_continuousCheck if x$data is a continuous variable
issuesPrints issues found in other functions
issues_Create message with issues found in x
pipePipe operator
profileCreate profile of every column in X
profile_fctCreate profile for column of characters
profile_numCreate profile for column of numerics
profile_tblCreate profile for table
profile_txtCreate profile for column of characters
reportFetch EDA of a specific type of column
translateConvert vector of types to corresponding functions
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