Man pages for document
Run 'roxygen2' on (Chunks of) Single Code Files

alter_description_fileAlter Contents of a DESCRIPTION File
check_packageRun 'R CMD check' on a Package Directory
checksAre There Errors, Warnings or Notes From 'rcmdcheck'?
clean_description_fileMake a Default DESCRIPTION File Pass 'R CMD check'
display_RdDisplay the Contents of an R Documentation File
documentDocument (Chunks of) an R Code File
document-packageDocument a Single R Code File
fake_packageFake a Package From a Single Code File
get_dpdA Convenience Wrapper
is_Rd_fileCheck Whether a File is Probably an R Documentation File
manDisplay a Help Page From a File's Documentation
Rd_txt_RUnitClean a String Created From a Run Through 'RUnit'
sort_unlocaleSort a Character Vector in Lexical Order Avoiding the Locale
throwThrow an Error
usageReturn the Usage of a Function From Within the Function
warnThrow a Warning
write_the_docsWrite Documentation to Disk
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