Man pages for dots
Dot Density Maps

boston_waterBoston Water
clip_waterRemove Water
dotsMake dot density plots
dots_pointsMake dot density points
engine_sf_hexagonalGenerate Hexagonal Points with 'sf'
engine_sf_randomGenerate Random Points with 'sf'
engine_sf_regularGenerate Regular Points with 'sf'
engine_sp_clusteredGenerate Clustered Points with 'sp'
engine_sp_hexagonalGenerate Hexagonal Points with 'sp'
engine_sp_nonalignedGenerate Nonaligned Points with 'sp'
engine_sp_randomGenerate Random Points with 'sp'
engine_sp_regularGenerate Regular Points with 'sp'
engine_sp_stratifiedGenerate Stratified Points with 'sp'
engine_terraGenerate Points with 'terra'
filter_ptsFilter Points to a Region
pipePipe operator
suffolkSuffolk County, MA Voting Districts
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