Man pages for dprint
Print Tabular Data to Graphics Device

char.dimCharacter Dimensions of Table
char.heightCharacter Height
char.widthCharacter Width
char.width1Character Width
colnames.linebreakColumn Names Line Break
colnames.rowColumn Names Row
colnames.structColumn Names Structure
conditional.structConditional Structure
consect.structConsecutive Structure
dborderDraw Border
dprintPrint Table to Graphics Device (dprint) Table to Graphics Device (dprint)
dprint_simpPrint Table to Graphics Device (dprint)
FbFormat Binomial
FcFormat Continuous
FciFormat Interval
fitpageFit Table to Page
fmla_interFormula Interface Describing the Structure of Tabular Data
fmla_lhsFormula Interface: Left Hand Side
fmla_rhsFormula Interface: Right Hand Side
FrFormat Round
frmtFormat of Table
insert.grpInsert Values Table Structure
insert.grp1Insert Values
kill.multiregxKill Multiple Regular Expression to Data.frame
pagelayoutPage Layout
rbinSimulate Descriptives: Binomial
rdescSimulate Descriptives: Continuous
row.hlRow Highlight
size.simpSize of Simple Table
styleStyle Sheet
tablebreakTable Break
tbl.structTable Structure
tbl.struct.simpSimple Table Structure
vector.linebreakVector Line Break
vector.structVector Structure
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