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Data Science for Psychologists

BushismsData: Bushisms.
capitalizeCapitalize initial characters in strings of text 'x'.
caseflipFlip the case of characters in a string of text 'x'.
cclasscclass provides character classes (as a named vector).
change_timeChange time and time zone (without changing time display).
change_tzChange time zone (without changing represented time).
coinFlip a fair coin (with 2 sides "H" and "T") n times.
count_charsCount the frequency of characters in a string of text 'x'.
count_chars_wordsCount the frequency of characters and words in a string of...
countriesData: Names of countries.
count_wordsCount the frequency of words in a string of text 'x'.
cur_dateCurrent date (in yyyy-mm-dd or dd-mm-yyyy format).
cur_timeCurrent time (in hh:mm or hh:mm:ss format).
data_1Data import data_1.
data_2Data import data_2.
data_t1Data table data_t1.
data_t1_deData import data_t1_de.
data_t1_tabData import data_t1_tab.
data_t2Data table data_t2.
data_t3Data table data_t3.
data_t4Data table data_t4.
days_in_monthHow many days are in a month (of given date)?
diceThrow a fair dice (with a given number of sides) n times.
dice_2Throw a questionable dice (with a given number of sides) n...
diff_datesGet the difference between two dates (in human units).
diff_timesGet the difference between two times (in human units).
diff_tzGet the time zone difference between two times.
ds4psy.guideOpens user guide of the ds4psy package.
dt_10Data from 10 Danish people.
exp_num_dtData from an experiment with numeracy and date-time...
exp_wideData exp_wide.
falsePosPsy_allFalse Positive Psychology data.
fameData table fame.
floweryData: Flowery phrases.
fruitsData: Names of fruits.
get_setGet a set of x-y coordinates.
is_equalTest two vectors for pairwise (near) equality.
is_leap_yearIs some year a so-called leap year?
is_vectTest for a vector (i.e., atomic vector or list).
is_wholenumberTest for whole numbers (i.e., integers).
l33t_rul35l33t_rul35 provides rules for translating text into leet/l33t...
make_gridGenerate a grid of x-y coordinates.
map_text_charsmap_text_chars maps the characters of a text string into a...
map_text_coordmap_text_coord maps the characters of a text string into a...
map_text_regexMap text to character table (allowing for matching patterns).
metacharmetachar provides metacharacters (as a character vector).
num_as_charConvert a number into a character sequence.
num_as_ordinalConvert a number into an ordinal character sequence.
num_equalTest two numeric vectors for pairwise (near) equality.
outliersOutlier data.
pal_ds4psyds4psy default color palette.
pal_n_sqGet n-by-n dedicated colors of a color palette.
pi_100kData: 100k digits of pi.
plot_charmapPlot a character map as a tile plot with text labels.
plot_charsPlot text characters (from file or user input) and match...
plot_fnA function to plot a plot.
plot_funAnother function to plot some plot.
plot_nPlot n tiles.
plot_textPlot text characters (from file or user input).
plot_tilesPlot n-by-n tiles.
posPsy_AHI_CESDPositive Psychology: AHI CESD data.
posPsy_longPositive Psychology: AHI CESD corrected data (in long...
posPsy_p_infoPositive Psychology: Participant data.
posPsy_widePositive Psychology: All corrected data (in wide format).
read_asciiread_ascii parses text (from file or user input) into...
sample_charDraw a sample of n random characters (from given characters).
sample_dateDraw a sample of n random dates (from a given range).
sample_timeDraw a sample of n random times (from a given range).
t_1Data t_1.
t_2Data t_2.
t3Data table t3.
t_3Data t_3.
t4Data table t4.
t_4Data t_4.
table6Data table6.
table7Data table7.
table8Data table8.
tbData table tb.
text_to_charsSplit string(s) of text 'x' into its characters.
text_to_sentencesSplit strings of text 'x' into sentences.
text_to_wordsSplit string(s) of text 'x' into words.
theme_cleanA clean alternative theme for ggplot2.
theme_ds4psyA basic and flexible plot theme (using ggplot2 and unikn).
theme_emptyA basic and flexible plot theme (using ggplot2 and unikn).
transl33ttransl33t translates text into leet slang.
TrumpismsData: Trumpisms.
UmlautUmlaut provides German Umlaut letters (as Unicode...
what_dateWhat date is it?
what_monthWhat month is it?
what_timeWhat time is it?
what_wdayWhat day of the week is it?
what_weekWhat week is it?
what_yearWhat year is it?
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