Man pages for dsa
Seasonal Adjustment of Daily Time Series

daily_dataExemplary time series
daily_simCreate a simple, exemplary, seasonal, daily time series
del_namesDelete name of xts
DescalerInvert taking logs and differences of a time series
dsaSeasonally Adjust Daily Time Series
dsa_examplesExemplary dsa outputs
freq_xtsObtain the frequency of an xts time series
get_originalGet Original Time Series
get_saGet Seasonally Adjusted Series
get_trendGet Trend-Cycle
holidaysData set for frequently used regressors
make_calCreating holiday regressor that increases linearly up to...
make_dummyCreating set of dummy variables for specified Holidays
make_holidayCreating Holiday dummy
multi_xts2tsChange multiple xts to a multivariate ts
outputCreating Output for dsa
plot.dailyPlot daily time series
plot_spectrumPlot the periodogram of a daily time series
print.dailyPrint daily time series
ScalerTake logs and differences of a time series
to_weeklyChange a daily to a weekly differenced time series
ts2xtsChange ts to xts
ts_sumAdd time series
xts2tsChange xts to ts
xtsplotCreate a plot for xts series
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