Man pages for dsmodels
A Language to Facilitate Simulation and Visualization of Two-Dimensional Dynamical Systems

boolposFind Positions of False Elements
cash-.dsprotoUsed to call members of a dsproto
colorVectorSet Color Vector From Parameters
ds-addAdds a new component to a dsmodel.
dsarrowsAdd a visualization of the system using arrows
dscurveParametric curves or a graph of functions
dsdotsAdds a visualization of the system using dots
dsmodelDefines a model object encapsulating a dynamical system
dspointIndividual points and their images
dsprotoCreate a new dsproto object
dsrangeRange of inputs for a model
dsregionColored polygonal region
findFixedPointFinds which fixed-point a point will end up at under a...
findNearestPointDetermines which point in a list is closest to the input. 0...
is.backgroundChecks if object is a background
is.curveReports whether x is a dscurves object.
is.discretizedrangeReports whether x is a discretized range.
is.dotsReports whether x is a dsdots object.
is.dsarrowsReports whether x is a dsarrows object.
is.dsimageReports whether x is a dsimage
is.dspointReports whether x is a dspoint
is.dsprotoTests if an object is a ds object.
is.dsregionReports whether x is a dsregion object.
is.facadeChecks if object is a facade
is.featureChecks if object is a feature
is.modelChecks if object is a mode.
is.rangeReports whether x is a range.
is.visualizationChecks if object is a visualization
is.xlabelChecks to see if object is xlabel.
is.ylabelChecks to see if object is ylabel.
pntAlias to make constructing points for regions easier.
pointsToListConverts a list of points to a list of x coordinates, y...
safe.applyAbstract a Function which does not Crash Upon Failure
simattractorsDetermine the attractors of a model through simulation
simbasinsFind basins of attraction by simulation
xlabelCreate a label on the x-axis
ylabelCreate a label on the y-axis
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