Man pages for dst
Using Dempster-Shafer Theory

bcaState a basic chance assignment over subsets of a frame of...
belplauCalculation of the measures of belief and plausibility for...
combListfacts2Combine a serie of facts with Dempster's rule
combmassesProduct of two vectors of masses
dempsterCalculation of Dempster's rule with normalization
dotprodGeneralized inner product of two matrix
doublesRemove duplicates lines of a matrix
dsrwondsrwon : Combination of two belief functions using Dempster's...
dst-packageUsing Dempster-Shafer Theory for the combination of evidence
examplesSome datasets
identRowNaming the rows of a table of results
initsingInitialization of a matrix of singletons
intersIntersection of two groups of propositions
nzdsrNormalization of Dempster's rule of combination, Shafer...
plautransPlausibility transformation on the distribution of singletons
rplauComputation of the plausibility ratio
smppmexampleSmets' [2003] Example: Peter, Paul or Mary
tabresultsPrepare a table of results
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