Man pages for dst
Using Dempster-Shafer Theory

addTobcaAdd some elements of 0 mass to an existing mass function
bcaBasic chance assignment mass function
bcaRelRepresentation of a mass function in a product space
belplauCalculation of the degrees of Belief and Plausibility
decodeFind the value in base 10 of a number coded in another base
dotprodGeneralized inner product of two matrices
doublesRemove duplicate rows in a two-dimensional table
dsrwonCombination of two mass functions
dstManipulation and combination of belief functions
elimReduction of a relation
encodeConvert a value to its representation in another chosen base
extminExtension of a relation
intersIntersection of two tables of propositions
nameRowsUsing the column names of a matrix to construct names for the...
nzdsrNormalization of a bca mass function
plautransPlausibility transformation of the singletons of a frame
productSpaceProduct space representation of a relation
reductionSummary of a vector for any operator.
shapeObtain dimensions of an array or length of a vector with a...
tabresulPrepare a table of results
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