Man pages for dttr2
Manipulate Date, POSIXct and hms Vectors

check_tzCheck Time Zone
chk_timeCheck Time
dttdtt Object
dtt_add_unitsAdd Time Units
dtt_adjust_tzAdjust Time Zone
dtt_adjust_unitsAdjust Units
dtt_aggregateAggregate Date/Time
dtt_dateFloor Date
dtt_date_add_timeAdd Time to Date
dtt_date_from_intsCreate Dates from Integers
dtt_date_timeFloor Date/Time
dtt_date_time_from_intsCreate Date Times from Integers
dtt_dayGet and Set Day Values
dtt_day_decimalGet Decimal Day Values
dtt_days_in_monthDays in the Month
dtt_days_in_yearDays in the Year
dtt_dayte_timeDayte Time
dtt_dayttDayte Time
dtt_default_tzGet, Set or Reset Default Time Zone
dtt_diffTime Difference
dtt_doyDay of the Year
dtt_doy_decimalDay of the Year Decimal
dtt_doy_to_dateDay of the Year to Date
dtt_excel_to_dateConvert Excel dates to dates.
dtt_excel_to_date_timeConvert Excel date times to date times.
dtt_feb29_to_28Convert Feb 29 to Feb 28
dtt_floorFloor Date/Time
dtt_flooredTest Floored
dtt_hourGet and Set Hour Values
dtt_hour_decimalGet Decimal Hour Values
dtt_is_dateIs Date
dtt_is_date_timeIs Date Time
dtt_is_dttIs Date or DateTime Object
dtt_leap_yearTest for Leap Year
dtt_minuteGet and Set Minute Values
dtt_minute_decimalGet Decimal Minute Values
dtt_monthGet and Set Month Values
dtt_month_decimalGet Decimal Month Values
dttr2-packagedttr2: Manipulate Date, POSIXct and hms Vectors
dtt_secondGet and Set Second Values
dtt_set_tzSet Time Zone
dtt_study_yearStudy Year
dtt_subtract_unitsSubtract Time Units
dtt_sys_dateGet System Date
dtt_sys_date_timeGet System Date Time
dtt_sys_timeGet System Time
dtt_timeFloor Time
dtt_time_from_intsCreate Time from Vectors
dtt_tzGet, Set or Adjust Time Zone
dtt_unitsGet Units
dtt_units_per_unitUnits per Unit
dtt_wdayGet Week Day
dtt_yearGet and Set Year Values
dtt_year_decimalGet Decimal Year Values
is_date_timeIs Date/Time
NA_Date_Missing Date
NA_hms_Missing hms
NA_POSIXct_Missing POSIXct
paramsParameters for dttr2 functions
vld_timeValidate Time
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