Man pages for dtwSat
Time-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time Series Analysis

createPatternsCreate patterns
dtwSatTime-Weighted Dynamic Time Warping for Satellite Image Time...
getGet elements from twdtwMatches objects
getDatesFromDOYGet dates from year and day of the year
getTimeSeriesGet time series from twdtw* objects
linearWeightLinear weight function
logisticWeightLogistic weight function
MOD13Q1.MT.yearly.patternsData: Pattern time series
MOD13Q1.patterns.listData: patterns time series
MOD13Q1.tsData: An example of satellite time series
MOD13Q1.ts.labelsData: Labels of the satellite time series in MOD13Q1.ts
MOD13Q1.ts.listData: A list of satellite time series
plotPlotting twdtw* objects
plotAccuracyPlotting accuracy assessment
plotAdjustedAreaPlotting area and uncertainty
plotAlignmentsPlotting alignments
plotAreaPlotting accumulated area
plotChangesPlotting changes
plotClassificationPlotting subintervals classification
plotCostMatrixPlotting paths
plotDistancePlotting distance maps
plotMapsPlotting maps
plotMapSamplesPlotting maps
plotMatchesPlotting matching points
plotPathsPlotting paths
plotPatternsPlotting temporal patterns
plotTimeSeriesPlotting time series
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
resampleTimeSeriesResample time series
shiftDatesShift dates
subsetSubset time series
twdtwApplyApply TWDTW analysis
twdtwApplyParallelApply TWDTW analysis to twdtwRaster using parallel processing
twdtwAssessAssess TWDTW classification
twdtwAssessment-classclass "twdtwAssessment"
twdtwClassifyClassify time series
twdtwCrossValidateCross Validate temporal patterns
twdtwCrossValidation-classclass "twdtwCrossValidation"
twdtwMatches-classclass "twdtwMatches"
twdtwRaster-classclass "twdtwRaster"
twdtwTimeSeries-classclass "twdtwTimeSeries"
twdtwXtableLaTeX table from accuracy metrics
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