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The guiding principle behind duawranglr is to make it easier for organizations to share data with protected elements and/or personally idenfiable information (PII) with researchers. There are two key problems this package attempts to solve:


  1. Data owners and reseachers may collaborate on multiple projects under a single data usage agreement (DUA), each with a different level of data security required.

  2. Administrators tasked with approving data requests do not always have the time or technical proficiency to review the code that reads, subsets, filters, and deidentifies data files according to a data usage agreement.

The duawranglr package uses a simple crosswalk file that lists restricted variables according to security levels prespecified in a DUA and a suite of functions that warn users about possible violations of data usage agreement to prevent writing protected elements. The DUA crosswalk can be an Excel spreadsheet, which means that restricted data elements can be easily added and approved by administrators.

Functions in the package do not replace existing data wrangling functions nor guarantee data security. But if used correctly, data administrators can more easily participate in the data sharing process and have more surety that data are being properly secured before they are transferred to researchers.

See the package vignette for more details about the motivation for the package and an extended example use case.

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