Man pages for dynatopmodel
Implementation of the Dynamic TOPMODEL Hydrological Model

aggregate_obsResample observation data at a new time interval
aggregate_xtsResample observation data at a new time interval sinsuiodal time series of potential evapotranspiration...
bromptonTopographic and observation data for running Dynamic...
build_chansConstruct a raster of channel locations from vector or...
build_layersConstruct basic landscape layer data for Dynamic TOPMODEL run
build_routing_tableGenerate a network routing table
dev.resetReset device parameters
discretiseDiscrete a catchment into hydrological response units (HRUs)
disp_outputDisplay output of a Dynamic TOPMODEL run
dynatopmodelImplementation of the Dynamic TOPMODEL hydrological model.
get.disp.parDefault list of parameters to control the graphical output... Initalise model run parameters. Note this...
ModeMode - modal value
new_guidGet one or more GUIDs
NSENash Sutcliffe Efficiency of a model's output against...
run.dtmRun Dynamic TOPMODEL against hydrometric data and a catchment...
time_at_peakTime of maximum observation
time_to_peakTime between the peak rainfall and the peak discharge
upslope.areaUpslope contributing area and wetness index calculation
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