Man pages for dynmix
Estimation of Dynamic Finite Mixtures

convtsRenames Selected Outcomes of 'mixest' and 'tvpreg' Objects.
ldltComputes LDL' Matrix Decomposition.
ltdlComputes L'DL Matrix Decomposition.
mixest1Computes Mixture Estimation with State-Space Components.
mixest2Computes Mixture Estimation with Normal Regression...
oilCrude Oil Data.
plot.mixestPlots Selected Outcomes from 'mixest' Object.
plot.qbnmixPlots Selected Outcomes from 'qbnmix' Object.
plot.tvpregPlots Selected Outcomes from 'tvpreg' Object.
print.mixestPrints 'mixest' Object.
print.qbnmixPrints 'qbnmix' Object.
print.tvpregPrints 'tvpreg' Object.
qbnmixEstimates Normal Mixtures.
sqrtmatComputes the Square Root of a Matrix.
tvp.regComputes Time-Varying Parameters Regression.
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