Man pages for easyCODA
Compositional Data Analysis in Practice

ACLUSTAmalgamation clustering of the parts of a compositional data...
ALRAdditive logratios
BARCompositional bar plot
CACorrespondence analysis
CIplot_bivBivariate confidence and data ellipses
CLOSEClosure of rows of compositional data matrix
CLRCentred logratios
cupsDataset: RomanCups
DOTDot plot
DUMMYDummy variable (indicator) coding
easyCODA-packageCompositional Data Analysis in Practice
fishDataset: FishMorphology
ILRIsometric logratio
invALRInverse of additive logratios
invCLRInverse of centred logratios
invSLRInverse of full set of amalgamation balances
LRAll pairwise logratios
LRALogratio analysis
LR.VARTotal logratio variance
PCAPrincipal component analysis
PLOT.CAPlot the results of a correspondence analysis
PLOT.LRAPlot the results of a logratio analysis
PLOT.PCAPlot the results of a principal component analysis
PLOT.RDAPlot the results of a redundancy analysis
PLRPivot logratios
RDARedundancy analysis
SLRAmalgamation (summed) logratio
STEPStepwise selection of logratios
timeDataset: TimeBudget
VARVariance of a vector of observations, dividing by n rather...
vegDataset: Vegetables
WARDWard clustering of a compositional data matrix
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