Man pages for easyVerification
Ensemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets

changeargChange Function Default Arguments
climFairRpssCalculate Fair Ranked Probability Skill Score Against...
convert2probConvert to Probability / Category Forecast
count2probConvert Ensemble Counts to Probabilities
easyVerificationEnsemble Forecast Verification for Large Data Sets
Ens2AFCGeneralized Discrimination Score
EnsCorrCorrelation with Ensemble Mean
EnsErrorEnsemble Mean Error
EnsErrorssEnsemble Mean Error Skill scores
EnsIgnIgnorance Score
EnsRocaArea Under the ROC Curve
EnsSprErrSpread to Error Ratio
FairSprErrFair Spread to Error Ratio
generateRefGenerate Probabilistic Climatological Ensemble Forecast from...
sizeSize of Array or Vector
toymodelCreate Example Forecast-Observation Pairs
veriApplyApply Verification Metrics to Large Datasets
veriUnwrapUnwrap Arguments and Hand Over to Verification Function
weisheimerCompute Reliability Categories as in Weisheimer et al. (2014)
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