joint_cum_hazard_function: Compute the cumulative hazard of leaving a given state

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This function is not meant to be called by the user. It is an internal function of probtrans_by_convolution_Markov and probtrans_by_convolution_semiMarkov.

joint_cum_hazard_function returns the cumulative hazard of leaving state i to any state that can be reached directly from i, at each of the time points in t. There is no explicit argument i: this state is entirely defined by the transitions that can occur when the patient is in it (and these transitions are given in the argument competing_transitions).


joint_cum_hazard_function(t, competing_transitions, spline_list)



A vector of time points.


The transitions that can occur when the process is in state i.


A list whose elements are spline functions approximating the cumulative hazard of making each possible transition in the process. This is normally a list object created by running cumhaz_splines.


A vector with the cumulative hazard of leaving a given state evaluated at given time points.


Rui Costa

See Also

probtrans_by_convolution_Markov; probtrans_by_convolution_semiMarkov; cumhaz_splines.

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