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Functions for Spatial Point Pattern Analysis

00ecespaFunctions for spatial point pattern analysis in ecology
dixon2002Dixon (2002) Nearest-neighbor contingency table analysis
fig1Artificial point data.
getisNeighbourhood density function
gypsophylousSpatial point pattern of a plant community
haz.pppEasily convert xy data to ppp format
HelianthemumSpatial point pattern of Helianthemum squamatum adult plants...
internalInternal ecespa functions.
ipc.estKFit the (In)homogeneous Poisson Cluster Point Process by...
K012Tests against 'independent labelling'
K1K2Differences between univariate and bivariate K-functions
KciTest against non-Poisson (in-)homogeneous models
Kinhom.logSimulation envelopes from the fitted values of a logistic...
KmmMark-weighted K-function
Kmulti.lsLotwick's and Silverman's combined estimator of the marked...
LF.gofLoosmore and Ford Goodness of Fit Test
marksumMark-sum measure
p2colasrP-value for a discrete distribution on small sample data
pc.estKFit the Poisson Cluster Point Process by Minimum Contrast
quercusvmAlive and dead oak trees
rIPCPSimulate Inhomogeneous Poisson Cluster Process
seedlingsCohorts of Helianthemum squamatum seedlings
sim.poissoncSimulate Poisson Cluster Process
swampTree Species in a Swamp Forest
syrjalaSyrjala's test for the difference between the spatial...
syrjala.dataSyrjala test data
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