Silene: Flower visitation network from an arable field in the UK

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A flower visitation network from an arable field site in the UK, notable for the presence of small-flowered catchfly Silene gallica, a rare arable weed species in the UK. Flower visitors and floral abundance were sampled on 11 occasions in the summer of 2002, with all insect flower visitors (31 taxa) recorded on the flower species where they were observed. Gibson et al. (2006) provide full details of the data and analysis of the results.




A data frame with 128 rows and seven columns, one row for each individual pollinator. The first column (Visit) represents the sampling occasion on which the pollinator was collected (V1–V11), the second column (Insect) represents the flower visitor taxon, and the remaining five columns are the five flower species, which were either visited (1) or not (0) by each insect.


Gibson, R.H., Nelson, I.L., Hopkins, G.W., Hamlett, B.J. & Memmott, J. (2006) Pollinator webs, plant communities and the conservation of rare plants: arable weeds as a case study. Journal of Applied Ecology, 43, 246–257.

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