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link-class: Class '"link"'

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This class represents a link between mixed reactors. A link is characterized by the two reactors it connects to, the flow through the link, advective transfer coefficients, and diffusive exchange coefficients.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("link", ...).



Character string specifying the name of the process.


Character string specifying the name of the reactor where the link starts.


Character string specifying the name of the reactor where the link ends.


Expression specifying the flow through the link.


Expression specifying a general advective transfer coefficient


List of expressions specifying substance/organism-specific advective transfer coefficients.


Expression specifying a general diffusive exchange coefficient.


List of expressions specifying substance/organism-specific diffusion coefficients.


Calculates rates of change; internal use only.


Peter Reichert <>


Omlin, M., Reichert, P. and Forster, R., Biogeochemical model of lake Zurich: Model equations and results, Ecological Modelling 141(1-3), 77-103, 2001.

Reichert, P., Borchardt, D., Henze, M., Rauch, W., Shanahan, P., Somlyody, L. and Vanrolleghem, P., River Water Quality Model no. 1 (RWQM1): II. Biochemical process equations, Water Sci. Tech. 43(5), 11-30, 2001.

Reichert, P. and Schuwirth, N., A generic framework for deriving process stoichiometry in environmental models, Environmental Modelling & Software, 25, 1241-1251, 2010.

See Also

process-class, reactor-class, system-class, calcres, plotres.

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