avoca: Avoca permanent plot dataset

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Example dataset with data from 8 permanent forest plots located on slopes of a valley in the New Zealand Alps. The study area is mountainous and centered on the Craigieburn Range (Southern Alps), South Island, New Zealand. Forests plots are almost monospecific, being the mountain beech (Fuscospora cliffortioides) the main dominant tree species. Previously forests consisted of largely mature stands, but some of them were affected by different disturbances during the sampling period (1972-2009) which includes 9 surveys.



New Zealand National Vegetation Survey (NVS) Databank (https://nvs.landcareresearch.co.nz/).


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Hurst, J. M., R. B. Allen, D. A. Coomes, and R. P. Duncan. 2011. Size-specific tree mortality varies with neighbourhood crowding and disturbance in a montane Nothofagus forest. PLoS ONE 6.

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