Man pages for edrGraphicalTools
Provides Tools for Dimension Reduction Methods

criterionRkhEstimation of the Rkh criterion by bootstrap method
edrMain function for estimation of the EDR space
edrGraphicalTools-packageProvides graphical tools for dimension reduction methods
edrSelecVariable selection based on sliced inverse regression
edrUnderdetEDR space estimation for underdetermined cases.
plot.criterionRkhGraphical tools for the bootstrap criterion
plot.edrBasic plot of an edr object
print.criterionRkhPrint a Summary of a criterionRkh Object
print.edrPrint a Summary of an edr Object
print.edrSelecDisplaying methods for the class 'edrSelec'
sliceMatSlicing matrix computation
summary.criterionRkhPrint a Summary of a criterionRkh Object
summary.edrPrint a Summary of an edr Object
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