Man pages for ehaGoF
Calculates Goodness of Fit Statistics

GoFGoodness of Fit
gofACoDAdjusted Coefficient of Determination (Adjusted R-Squared)
gofAICAkaike's Information Criterion
gofARSqAdjusted R-Squared (Adjusted Coefficient of Determination)
gofCAICCorrected Akaike's Information Criterion
gofCoDCoefficient of Determination (R-Squared)
gofCVCoefficient of Variation.
gofMADMean Absolute Deviation
gofMAPEMean Absolute Percentage Error
gofMEMean Error
gofMRAEMean Relative Approximation Error
gofPCPearson's Correlation Coefficients
gofPIPerformance Index
gofRAEGlobal Relative Approximation Error
gofRMSERoot Mean Square Error
gofRRMSERelative Root Mean Square Error
gofRSqR-Squared (Coefficient of Determination)
gofSDRStandard Deviation Ratio
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