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Ecological Inference

bounds1Computes Analytical Bounds from Accounting Identity
census1910Black Literacy in 1910
eiEcological Inference Estimation
eireadQuantities of Interest from Ecological Inference Estimation
eiRxCsampleA Sample Dataset
ei.simSimulate EI Solution via Importance Sampling
fultongenVoter Transitions
lavoteallTurnout by Race in Louisiana
matproiiVoter Registration by Race in Southern States
njNonminority Turnout in New Jersey
plot.eiPlotting Ecological Inference Estimates
RxCdataSample Dataset
sampleSample Data for Black Votes
summary.eiSummarize Ecological Inference Estimates
tomogRxCPlotting Ecological Inference Estimates with eiRxC...
tomogRxC3dPlotting 2x3 Ecological Inference Estimates in 3 dimensions
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