Man pages for eiPack
Ecological Inference and Higher-Dimension Data Management

boundsDeterministic bounds for units satisfying row thresholds
cover.plotUnit-level coverage plots for beta parameters from MD EI...
density.plotDensity plots for population level parameters
ei.MD.bayesMultinomial Dirichlet model for Ecological Inference in RxC...
ei.regEcological regression
ei.reg.bayesEcological regression using Bayesian Normal regression
lambda.MDCalculate shares using data from MD model
lambda.regCalculate shares using data from regression model
lambda.reg.bayesCalculate shares using data from Bayesian regression model
mergeMDCombine output from multiple eiMD objects
plot.boundsPlot of deterministic bounds for units satisfying row...
read.betasFunction to read in eiMD parameter chains saved to disk
redistrictRedistricting Monte-Carlo data
sencParty registration in south-east North Carolina
tuneATuning parameters for alpha hyperpriors in RxC EI model
tuneBTuning parameters for the precinct level parameters in the...
tuneMDGenerate tuning parameters for MD model
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