Man pages for eigenmodel
Semiparametric Factor and Regression Models for Symmetric Relational Data

addlinesAdds lines between nodes to an existing plot of nodes
eigenmodel_mcmcApproximate the posterior distribution of parameters in an...
eigenmodel-packageSemiparametric Factor and Regression Models for Symmetric...
eigenmodel_setupSetup constants and starting values for an eigenmodel fit
plot.eigenmodel_postPlot the output of an eigenmodel fit
rb_fcSample from the full conditional distribution of the...
rmvnormSample from the multivariate normal distribution
rUL_fcSample UL from its full conditional distribution
rZ_fcSample from the full conditional distribution of the probit...
ULUComputes a matrix from its eigenvalue decomposition
XBComputes a sociomatrix of regression effects
Y_GenRelations between words in the 1st chapter of Genesis
Y_imputeImpute missing values of a sociomatrix
Y_ProButland's protein-protein interaction data
YX_FriendSex, race and friendship data from a 12th grade classroom
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