Man pages for elastes
Elastic Full Procrustes Means for Sparse and Irregular Planar Curves

compute_elastic_shape_meanCompute an elastic full Procrustes mean for a collection of...
elastes-packageelastes: Elastic Full Procrustes Means for Sparse and...
fit_alignment_proc2dOptimal rotation and scaling alignment to a smooth curve
fit_meanMean estimation for open planar curves.
get_centerCalculate the center of a curve
get_distanceDistance to a smooth curve
get_evalsEvaluate a curve on a grid
get_optimal_tFinds optimal alignment for discrete open curves
get_polygon_lengthCalculate the polygon length of a curve
get_procrustes_fitGet Procrustes data curve from mean object.
get_Procrustes_fit_from_paramHelper functions for calculating Procrustes data curve from...
plot.elastic_shape_meanPlot method for planar elastic Procrustes mean curves
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