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General Purpose Interface to 'Elasticsearch'

aliasElasticsearch alias APIs
catUse the cat Elasticsearch api.
clusterElasticsearch cluster endpoints
connectSet connection details to an Elasticsearch engine.
countGet counts of the number of records per index.
docs_bulkUse the bulk API to create, index, update, or delete...
docs_bulk_prepUse the bulk API to prepare bulk format data
docs_bulk_updateUse the bulk API to update documents
docs_createCreate a document
docs_deleteDelete a document
docs_getGet documents
docs_mgetGet multiple documents via the multiple get API.
docs_updateUpdate a document
documentsElasticsearch documents functions.
elasticelastic: An Elasticsearch R client.
elastic-defunctDefunct functions in elastic
es_authSet authentication details
es_parseParse raw data from es_get, es_mget, or es_search.
explainExplain a search query.
field_capsField capabilities
field_statsSearch field statistics
indexIndex API operations
index_status-defunctThis function is defunct
index_templateIndex templates
infoGet the basic info from the current cluster
mappingMapping management
mapping_delete-defunctMapping delete
mlt-defunctThis function is defunct
mtermvectorsMulti Termvectors
nodesElasticsearch nodes endpoints.
nodes-defunctThis function is defunct
pingPing an Elasticsearch server.
scrollScroll search function
SearchFull text search of Elasticsearch
searchapisSearch functions.
search_bodyFull text search of Elasticsearch - body requests.
search_shardsSearch shards.
Search_templateSearch or validate templates
Search_uriFull text search of Elasticsearch with URI search
tasksElasticsearch tasks endpoints
tokenizer_setTokenizer operations
units-distanceDistance units
units-timeTime units
validateValidate a search
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