Man pages for elasticsearchr
A Lightweight Interface for Interacting with Elasticsearch from R

aggsDefine Elasticsearch aggregation.
check_http_code_throw_errorHTTP response error handling.
cleaned_field_namesSanitise column names.
create_bulk_upload_fileCreate Bulk API data file.
create_metadataCreate Bulk API metadata.
elasticelastic_resource class constructor.
elastic_predicateselasticsearchr predicate functions.
elasticsearchrelasticsearchr: a lightweight Elasticsearch client for R.
elastic_versionElasticsearch version
extract_query_resultsElasticsearch HTTP response data extraction functions.
from_size_searchExecute query with from-size search API.
grapes-create-grapesCreate Elasticsearch index with custom mapping.
grapes-delete-grapesDelete Elasticsearch index.
grapes-index-grapesIndex a data frame.
grapes-info-grapesGet cluster and index (meta) data.
grapes-search-grapesExecute query or search.
index_bulk_dataframeIndex data frame with Elasticsearch Bulk API
list_fieldsList of fields in index information.
list_indicesList of indices in cluster information.
mapping_default_simpleSimple Elasticsearch default mappings for non-text-search...
mapping_fielddata_trueElasticsearch 5.x default mappings enabling fielddata for...
plus-.elastic_apiDefine Elasticsearch aggregation on a secific subset of...
print.elastic_apiPretty-print aggs and query JSON objects.
queryDefine Elasticsearch query.
scroll_searchExecute a query with the scroll-search API.
select_fieldsDefine Elasticsearch query source filter.
sort_onDefine Elasticsearch query sort
valid_connectionValidate healthy Elasticsearch connection.
valid_jsonValid JSON string predicate function
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