Man pages for elec.strat
Functions for election audits using stratified random samples

BaBFinding the exact p-value.
CA_House_2008Set of 2008 California U.S. House Races
eqValBoundp-value Through Relaxation on Number of Batches Without...
first.rObtain a Vector of Sample Sizes with Total Number of Samples...
getEbsMarginUpdating Error Bounds and Margin Given the Observed Maximum
get.first.r.sampObtain a Vector of Sample Sizes Given Constraint on p-Value
getQObtaining the Cost Vector.
is.strat.elec.dataVerifying a Object.
LKPBoundp-value Through a Continuous Relaxation
makeStratObjMaking a Object from an Object
MN_Senate_20062006 Minnesota U.S. Senate Race
optStratObtain an Optimal Vector of Sample Sizes Given Constraint on...
runBaBCalling the Branch and Bound Algorithm
strat.elec.dataMaking a Object from a Votes data.frame and...
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