Man pages for elevatr
Access Elevation Data from Various APIs

elevatrAccess elevation data from the web
get_api_keyfunction to get API key based on source
get_aws_terrainGet a digital elevation model from the AWS Terrain Tiles
get_elev_pointGet Point Elevation
get_elev_rasterGet Raster Elevation
get_epqsGet point elevation data from the USGS Elevation Point Query...
get_mapzen_elevGet point elevations from Mapzen
get_mapzen_terrainGet a digital elevation model from the Mapzen Terrain Tiles
get_tilexyfunction to get a data.frame of all xyz tiles to download
lakeSpatialPolygonsDataFrame of Lake Sunapee
latlong_to_tilexyfunction to convert lat long to xyz tile with decimals...
loc_checkfunction to check input type and projection. All input types...
proj_expandfunction to project bounding box and if needed expand it
pt_dfSmall data frame of xy locations
set_api_keyUtility function to set API key from mapzen
sp_bigSpatialPoints of random points
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