emplik: Empirical Likelihood Ratio for Censored/Truncated Data

Empirical likelihood ratio tests for means/quantiles/hazards from possibly censored and/or truncated data. Now does regression too. This version contains some C code.

AuthorMai Zhou. (Art Owen for el.test(). Yifan Yang for C code.)
Date of publication2016-08-13 11:01:31
MaintainerMai Zhou <mai@ms.uky.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

BJnoint: The Buckley-James censored regression estimator

bjtest: Test the Buckley-James estimator by Empirical Likelihood

bjtest1d: Test the Buckley-James estimator by Empirical Likelihood,...

bjtestII: Alternative test of the Buckley-James estimator by Empirical...

el.cen.EM: Empirical likelihood ratio for mean with right, left or...

el.cen.EM2: Empirical likelihood ratio test for a vector of means with...

el.cen.test: Empirical likelihood ratio for mean with right censored data,...

el.ltrc.EM: Empirical likelihood ratio for mean with left truncated and...

el.test: Empirical likelihood ratio test for the means, uncensored...

el.test.wt: Weighted Empirical Likelihood ratio for mean, uncensored data

el.test.wt2: Weighted Empirical Likelihood ratio for mean(s), uncensored...

el.trun.test: Empirical likelihood ratio for mean with left truncated data

emplikH1.test: Empirical likelihood for hazard with right censored, left...

emplikH2.test: Empirical likelihood for weighted hazard with right censored,...

emplikH.disc: Empirical likelihood ratio for discrete hazard with right...

emplikH.disc2: Two sample empirical likelihood ratio for discrete hazards...

emplikHs.disc2: Two sample empirical likelihood ratio for discrete hazards...

emplikHs.test2: Two sample empirical likelihood ratio test for hazards with...

emplik-internal: Internal emplik functions

findUL: Find the Wilks Confidence Interval from the Given (empirical)...

myeloma: Multiple Myeloma Data

RankRegTest: Test the AFT model Rank Regression estimator by Empirical...

RankRegTestH: Test the AFT model, Rank Regression estimator by...

ROCnp: Test the ROC curve by Empirical Likelihood

ROCnp2: Test the ROC curve by Empirical Likelihood

smallcell: Smallcell Lung Cancer Data

WRegEst: Compute the casewise weighted regression estimator for AFT...

WRegTest: Test the case weighted regression estimator by Empirical...


BJnoint Man page
bjtest Man page
bjtest1d Man page
bjtestII Man page
cumsumsurv Man page
DnR Man page
el.cen.EM Man page
el.cen.EM2 Man page
el.cen.test Man page
el.ltrc.EM Man page
el.test Man page
el.test.wt Man page
el.test.wt2 Man page
el.test.wt3 Man page
el.trun.test Man page
emplikH1.test Man page
emplikH2.test Man page
emplikH.disc Man page
emplikH.disc2 Man page
emplikHs.disc2 Man page
emplikHs.test2 Man page
emplikHs.test22 Man page
findUL Man page
gradf Man page
gradf2 Man page
gradf3 Man page
iter Man page
llog Man page
llogp Man page
llogpp Man page
logelr Man page
logwelr Man page
LTRC Man page
MMRtime Man page
myeloma Man page
RankRegTest Man page
RankRegTestH Man page
redistF Man page
ROCnp Man page
ROCnp2 Man page
smallcell Man page
solve3.QP Man page
WCY Man page
Wdataclean2 Man page
Wdataclean3 Man page
Wdataclean5 Man page
WKM Man page
WRegEst Man page
WRegTest Man page


emplik/R/MMRtime.R emplik/R/DnR.R emplik/R/bjtest1d.R emplik/R/Wdataclean2.R emplik/R/bjtest.R emplik/R/emplikH.disc.R emplik/R/emplikH2.test.R emplik/R/el.test.R emplik/R/el.test.wt.R emplik/R/redistF.R emplik/R/iter.R emplik/R/el.cen.EM.R emplik/R/LTRC.R emplik/R/el.trun.test.R emplik/R/emplikH.disc2.R emplik/R/solve3.QP.R emplik/R/emplikH1.test.R emplik/R/bjtestII.R emplik/R/emplikHs.disc2.R emplik/R/el.cen.test.R emplik/R/emplikHs.test2.R emplik/R/BJnoint.R emplik/R/WCY.R emplik/R/Wdataclean3.R emplik/R/cumsumsurv.R emplik/R/el.test.wt2.R emplik/R/WKM.R emplik/R/RankRegTest.R emplik/R/Wdataclean5.R emplik/R/findUL.R emplik/R/el.cen.EM2.R emplik/R/el.test.wt3.R emplik/R/emplikHs.test22.R emplik/R/ROCnp.R emplik/R/ROCnp2.R emplik/R/RankRegTestH.R emplik/R/WRegTest.R emplik/R/WRegEst.R emplik/R/el.ltrc.EM.R
emplik/man/myeloma.Rd emplik/man/el.trun.test.Rd emplik/man/bjtestII.Rd emplik/man/WRegTest.Rd emplik/man/el.test.wt.Rd emplik/man/el.cen.EM.Rd emplik/man/smallcell.Rd emplik/man/el.test.wt2.Rd emplik/man/el.cen.EM2.Rd emplik/man/emplikH.disc2.Rd emplik/man/RankRegTestH.Rd emplik/man/emplikHs.test2.Rd emplik/man/findUL.Rd emplik/man/ROCnp.Rd emplik/man/emplikHs.disc2.Rd emplik/man/bjtest1d.Rd emplik/man/el.test.Rd emplik/man/emplikH2.test.Rd emplik/man/emplik-internal.Rd emplik/man/RankRegTest.Rd emplik/man/bjtest.Rd emplik/man/emplikH.disc.Rd emplik/man/emplikH1.test.Rd emplik/man/el.ltrc.EM.Rd emplik/man/WRegEst.Rd emplik/man/ROCnp2.Rd emplik/man/BJnoint.Rd emplik/man/el.cen.test.Rd

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