Man pages for emulator
Bayesian Emulation of Computer Programs

betahat.funCalculates MLE coefficients of linear fit
corrcorrelation function for calculating A
emulator-packageBayesian Emulation of Computer Programs
estimatorEstimates each known datapoint using the others as datapoints
expert.estimatesExpert estimates for Goldstein input parameters
interpolantInterpolates between known points using Bayesian estimation
latin.hypercubeLatin hypercube design matrix
makeinputfilesMakes input files for condor runs of goldstein
modelSimple model for concept checking
oo2002Implementation of the ideas of Oakley and O'Hagan 2002
optimal.scalesUse optimization techniques to find the optimal scales
padSimple pad function
prior.bPrior linear fits
quad.formEvaluate a quadratic form efficiently
regressor.basisRegressor basis function
results.tableResults from 100 Goldstein runs
sample.n.fitSample from a Gaussian process and fit an emulator to the...
scales.likelihoodLikelihood of roughness parameters
s.chiVariance estimator
sigmahatsquaredEstimator for sigma squared
toyA toy dataset
trTrace of a matrix
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