pakistan: Pakistan Survey Experiment on Support for Militant Groups

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This data set is a subset of the data from the endorsement experiment conducted in Pakistan to study support for militant groups. The survey was implemented by Fair et al. (2009). It is also used by Bullock et al. (2011).




A data frame containing 5212 observations. The variables are:

For the response variables, endorsers are:


Bullock, Will, Kosuke Imai, and Jacob N. Shapiro. 2011. Replication data for: Statistical analysis of endorsement experiments: Measuring support for militant groups in Pakistan. hdl:1902.1/14840. The Dataverse Network.


Bullock, Will, Kosuke Imai, and Jacob N. Shapiro. (2011) “Statistical Analysis of Endorsement Experiments: Measuring Support for Militant Groups in Pakistan,” Political Analysis, Vol. 19, No. 4 (Autumn), pp.363-384.

Fair, Christin C., Neil Malhotra, and Jacob N. Shapiro. (2009) “The Roots of Militancy: Explaining Support for Political Violence in Pakistan,” Working Paper, Princeton University.

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