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English and European Soccer Results 1871-2016

alltimerecordGet a team's all-time record
bestwinsReturn each team's best wins
champsEuropean Cup and Champions League Results 1955-2016
englandEnglish league results 1888-2016
england1939English league results 1939
englandplayoffsEnglish league playoff results 1892-2016
facupEnglish league playoff results 1892-2016
games_betweenFunction to List all games ever between two teams
games_between_sumFunction to List the summary stats of all games ever between...
germanyGerman Bundesliga 1 league results 1963-2016
germany2German Bundesliga 2 league results 1974-2016
hollandDutch league results 1956-2016
italyItaly league results 1934-2016
maketableMake a league table
maketable_engMake an English league table
ngoalsReturn all instances of a team scoring n goals
n_offsReturn Scorelines that only occurred n times in history
opponentfreqThe number of times a team has played against each opponent
opponentsTotal number of unique opponents
score_mostTeam who has been involved in the most games of each...
score_teamLists all matches that a team has played in that ended in a...
score_teamXList all occurrences of a specific scoreline for a specific...
spainSpanish league results 1928-2016
totgoalsReturn all instances of a team being involved in a game with...
worstlossesReturn each team's worst losses
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