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Entropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity

AbdFreqCountAbundance Frequency Count of a Community
AccumulationDiversity accumulation.
AllenHPhylogenetic Entropy of a Community
AlphaDiversityReduced-bias alpha diversity of a metacommunity
AlphaEntropyReduced-bias alpha entropy of a metacommunity
ArgumentOriginalNameFinds the original value (name of expression) of the argument...
BetaDiversityReduced-bias beta diversity of a metacommunity
BetaEntropyReduced-bias beta entropy of a metacommunity
ChaoPDPhylogenetic Diversity of a Community
CheckentropartArgumentsChecks the arguments of a function of the package entropart
CommunityProfileDiversity or Entropy Profile of a community
CoverageSample coverage of a community
DiversityHill number of a community
DivEstDiversity Estimation of a metacommunity
DivPartDiversity Partition of a metacommunity
DivProfileDiversity Profile of a metacommunity
DqzSimilarity-based diversity of a community
EightSpAbundanceAbundances of 8 species to run examples.
EightSpTreeFunctional tree with 8 species.
EnqGrassberger's expectation of n^q
entropart-packageEntropy Partitioning to Measure Diversity
EntropyCIEntropy of Monte-Carlo simulated communities
expqExponential of order q
GammaDiversityReduced-bias gamma diversity of a metacommunity
GammaEntropyReduced-bias gamma entropy of a metacommunity
GenSimpsonGeneralized Simpson's Entropy and Diversity
HqzSimilarity-based entropy of a community
HqzBetaSimilarity-based beta entropy of a community
HurlbertHurlbert's Index and Explicit Diversity
KLqGeneralized Kullback-Leibler divergence
lnqLogarithm of order q
MCdiversityMeta-Community diversity class.
MCentropyMeta-Community entropy class.
mergeandlabelMerge community data
MergeMCManipulation of meta-communities
MetaCommunityMetacommunity class
Optimal.SimilarityOptimal scale parameter to transform a distance matrix into a...
Paracou618.distFunctional distances between pairs of species of Paracou...
Paracou618.FunctionalFunctional tree of species of Paracou field station plots 6...
Paracou618.MCParacou field station plots 6 and 18, two 1-ha plots...
Paracou618.TaxonomyTaxonomy (Family - Genus - Species) of Paracou field station...
PDFDPhylogenetic Diversity / Functional Diversity of a Community
PhyloApplyApply a Function over a Phylogenetic Tree
PhyloBetaEntropyPhylogenetic Beta Entropy of a community
PhyloDiversityPhylogenetic Diversity of a Community
PhyloEntropyPhylogenetic Entropy of a community
PhyloValuePhylogenetic entropy or diversity.
PPtreePreprocessed Trees.
Preprocess.MCPreprocessing of metacommunity data
Preprocess.TreePreprocessing of a phylogenetic tree
RACFit Distributions to Well-Known Rank Abundance Curves.
RaoRao Quadratic Entropy of a Community
rCommunityRandom Communities
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
RichnessNumber of species of a community
ShannonShannon entropy of a community
ShannonBetaShannon beta entropy of a community
SimpsonSimpson entropy of a community
SimpsonBetaSimpson beta entropy of a community
SimTestSimTest class
SpeciesDistributionSpecies Distributions.
TsallisTsallis (HCDT) Entropy of a community
TsallisBetaTsallis beta entropy of a community
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