entropy: Estimation of Entropy, Mutual Information and Related Quantities

This package implements various estimators of entropy, such as the shrinkage estimator by Hausser and Strimmer, the maximum likelihood and the Millow-Madow estimator, various Bayesian estimators, and the Chao-Shen estimator. It also offers an R interface to the NSB estimator. Furthermore, it provides functions for estimating Kullback-Leibler divergence, chi-squared, mutual information, and chi-squared statistic of independence. In addition there are functions for discretizing continuous random variables.

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AuthorJean Hausser and Korbinian Strimmer
Date of publication2014-11-14 08:16:32
MaintainerKorbinian Strimmer <strimmerlab@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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chi2.Dirichlet Man page
chi2.empirical Man page
chi2indep.Dirichlet Man page
chi2indep.empirical Man page
chi2indep.plugin Man page
chi2indep.shrink Man page
chi2.plugin Man page
chi2.shrink Man page
discretize Man page
discretize2d Man page
entropy Man page
entropy.ChaoShen Man page
entropy.Dirichlet Man page
entropy.empirical Man page
entropy.MillerMadow Man page
entropy.NSB Man page
entropy-package Man page
entropy.plugin Man page
entropy.shrink Man page
freqs Man page
freqs.Dirichlet Man page
freqs.empirical Man page
freqs.shrink Man page
get.lambda.shrink Man page
KL.Dirichlet Man page
KL.empirical Man page
KL.plugin Man page
KL.shrink Man page
mi.Dirichlet Man page
mi.empirical Man page
mi.plugin Man page
mi.shrink Man page
nsbload Man page
nsbsave Man page

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